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high CPU usage / low GPU usage in almost every game

obligatory "I'm poor, can't buy better hardware" disclamer


I'm having an awful issue with the rig I built a while back

the hardware most likely has worn out by now

I would prefer to keep everything on low settings, just to be safe

and the worse part, that sometimes even regular programs like file exploror or discord, normally when downloading updates or copying files, expected to happen, but not to this level


  • AMD FX 8150 either-cores 2.8GHz
    • (can use Overdrive to boost to 3.8GHz, but AMD Overdrive was discontinued)
  • AMD RX 460 4GB
    • (XFX single fan editon / NOT 2GB edition)
  • generic 8GB RAM stick
    • single channel
  • 126 SSD
    • windows installation only
  • 2TB HDD
    • all games and programs are installed here

I'm probably am at fault since I usualy install the same programs in every windows installation, but not very easy to isolation the culprit, and it might be something I use in a daily basis on top

please help


EDIT: forgot to say,

my CPU usage is normally between 5% and 30% while idle

my GPU usage is usally lower than 20% in desktop

my CPU usage is no lower tha 80% in-game

my GPU Usage in game is normally between 10% and 40% but often will go down to <5% in a loading screen and spike to 70% or 100% when something happens like a cutscene and go back to <40% while in-game


EDIT 2: probably unrelated, but worth to mention

in many games, the whole thing will freeze when "something" happens, if I pick up an item or an enemy attacks me or similar stuff, it kinda feels like the PC wasn't expecting it to happen do it forces the game to load that thing again (not sure how to decribe better)

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Are you running version Adrenalin 22.5.2

Check your Adrenalin settings; click the Graphics tab

Scroll down and click the Advanced option

Scroll down until you find GPU workload.  You have 2 options in that tab; Compute or Graphics.  I believe it sets Compute by default.  Select the Graphics option and see if that reduces your problem.  I also think that when you update the Adrenalin drivers you will also have to go back in and reset this option; not sure.  But, try that first.

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I agree with @Vynski - making sure you have the correct and latest driver for your GPU is important.

In addition, it sounds to me that you may need to do some good old "house cleaning" 😉, meaning:

  1. Check your hard drive, run ScanDisk (I'm assuming you're running Win 10 or an earlier version)
  2. Stop apps that run in the background
  3. Check and make sure you're not running out of space on your primary hard drive. Right-click on the drive, select Properties and look at how much free space you have left under the "General" tab. 
  4. Delete/uninstall apps/programs you no longer need or use.


These are just the basics. Tips you can try before considering upgrading your PC (i.e. mem, GPU, and/or CPU)

Let us know who it goes! 

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it sounds like you meant to reply to a different post

either that or you have no read my original post at all


that solutuon is the exact oppoostie of my problem