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Open CL1.1 Driver Support for HD6850

My wife's Windows 10 (64 bit) PC uses a HD6850 card, but she's just installed a Photoshop upgrade that requires Open CL1.1

The latest Radeon drivers only seem to support CL2.0, which the HD6850 doesn't support - so, as a result, nothing works. 

I'm wanting to install the last Radeon driver that supports CL1.1 - can anyone confirm which version that is, and where I can download it?

Also, do I need to uninstall the existing driver when I install the older one,. or can I just install it over it's more modern equivalent?


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If you have OpenCL 2.0, it should work since the program requires at least OpenCL 1.1



thanks for the answer, but I don't have OpenCL 2.0. To summarise:

  • Software requires OpenCL 1.1 or higher
  • GFX Hardware supports up to OpenCL1.1
  • GFX Drivers only include OpenCL 2.0 drivers
  • This means that the GFX Hardware does not have OpenCL 1.1 drivers installed and can't support the software

What I need is to know which version of the Radeon drivers was the last version to include support for OpenCL1.1.



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Re: Open CL1.1 Driver Support for HD6850 in Red Team

Not applicable


A good way to start a troubleshooting thread is to give us, as 1st thing, the whole rig spec.
Also could you be precise with the version of the PS software used?
The drivers are update, which is the drivers state of the machine now?

It's a good habit to provide the full specs and software use before even start to troubleshoot.

So please start over, because it's seems to me you already get your answer without need help, am i wrong?

Nevertheless the HD6850, as you said before, do not support the latest drivers.
A quick search on the AMD driver site, return you that the last good driver for Win10 64Bit is the 15.7.1.
Also yes, it is better to clean uninstall the previous drivers using a tool called DDU!