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Nvidia set to become a sales division of AMD?

I found the following video from Gamers Nexus to be very eye opening:

Nvidia will be announcing their new generation of Graphics Cards this month (and will probably launch on the 9th of  September).

They will be supporting 4th Gen PCIe, and the only CPU manufacturer with support for PCIe Gen 4 in conjunction with motherboards is AMD.

Whether or not the current generation of Graphics Cards will actually benefit from PCIe Gen 4 is unclear; but in terms of marketing it is a coup for this generation and next generation of AMD CPUs and X570 (B550) motherboards.

With the delays they have been having, Intel could find themselves between a rock and a hard place for the rest of the year.

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Well Nvidia is aiming to buy the ARM holding, so yeah, i think you don't understand what Nvidia really is!
It's the opposite, AMD could easily become a Nvidia subsidiary, you need 3 times AMD or 1.5 times Intel to match current Nvidia market cap.

Intel on the other hand, is simply waiting that the new EUV scanner to be ready at ASML, Intel just skipped the 1st generation EUV all together.
The best move a company could do with early EUV, when other will need to buy new scanner to keep up with sub 3nm.
Intel will have saved huge amount of money where TMSC and Samsung maybe didn't even repaid their 1st generation scanners.
So people can continue to hit at Intel how much they want, but in reality Intel did the best company move i have seen from long time.

You should be more knowledgeable, avoid these kind of misleading titles that only display your ignorance.
Instead of looking biased youtube media like GamerNexus, why don't you begin searching about what it is told to you.

I can assure you, you will not learn much watching these kind of poorly knowledgeable channels.
GamerNexus is a business, not a charity, so it carry its business narrative and have no interest in teaching to others!

So i really doubt that GamerNexus opened your eyes, or maybe it opened them in the wrong way, in a parallel universe, dunno!


Have you ever heard the expression "tongue in cheek"?

You are probably the only person on the planet that didn't smile when they read my post.

You are also probably the only person on the planet who took the post dead seriously

Intel will not be anywhere close to competing with AMD until 2023 - BY THEIR OWN ACCOUNT.

It is obvious that English is not your native language and you should take that into account before ascribing motivations to people.


Putting people down is not allowed here, so stop f***king around. 

Cyberstorm64 of UNYU
Tessellation Enjoyer.

Who are you addressing your comment to?

If it is to me then you have a funny notion of what "Putting people down" means.

I think I was very restrained in my reply to an insulting comment.

BTW, English is my second language.

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It's not funny, otherwise you would had received a lot of answers, with a lot of funny comments.
I see no funny answers here!

You don't know if other will take this post seriously, but if they do, you mislead them with false ideas.
Some people are less knowledgeable and come here to genuinely seek information and can be mislead by your post.

If you want to be praised for your content, start by posting useful and knowledgeable contents.
Instead you got served for your misleading headline and post, i'm pretty sure you can do better than this!

Also, don't point out if others are or not English speakers, some people spent time and effort to learn English.

Because i can't catch the relation between not being a native speaker and your content quality!

A false headline is a false headline and you can't do nothing about aside editing your post!

The right post title would be:" Is pci-e bandwidth relevant for the next gen hardware?".
A recurrent topic already discussed a lot in the last 10 years, if you would ask me.

Intel is not competing with AMD, both companies are on two different levels.

Intel, on top of being a chip designer, is also a chip manufacturer, where AMD spinned of its manufacturing division to Globalfoundries.
Intel is one of the key chip manufacturer, it design and develop the lithography techniques in partnership with ASML, TSMC, Samsumg...
AMD is a chip designer, it have no fabs and it sole objective it's to sell its architecture build by somebody else.

I did not find any conferences where AMD was speaking about developing lithography techniques.

Both companies did not set the same goal, Intel will remain a chip manufacturer, AMD will remain a chip designer!

So the correct sentence is: Intel will not be anywhere close to compete with TSMC until 2023 - BY THEIR OWN ACCOUNT.
I can only suppose that Intel next gen architecture is ready, the only thing Intel need is better EUV tools, to match its old DUV scanner mass-production figures.

The next steep for EUV will be in 2021 and as you pointed out 2023, when ASML new high-NA scanners will be delivered.


English is also my second language, but I try to make an effort to make my posts legible.

I am not being nasty when I say that I sometimes have to guess at what you are trying to say.

The funny part, if you didn't notice, is in the title of the post itself.

Intel may catch up to the Process Node, namely 7nm in two years, but they are many more years than that behind AMD as far as CPU and GPU Architecture is concerned.

You have obviously not read any of my content. otherwise you would not have come out with a statement such as, "start by posting useful and knowledgeable contents". I don't post to garner praise, those days are long gone.

One article I have posted here is the one and only rational guide to configuring 3rd Gen Ryzen which words and that is based purely on my own work and experimentation because the Tech Media and the Tech YouTubers - who get their stuff for free - have been either too lazy or too stupid to do the work and have basically contributed a grand sum of NOTHING in this regard over the past year.

They still cannot even come close to achieving the results I get with my 3950X even though their temperature, voltage and power draw are far higher (they fall short even though they are using 230 Watts to get their results; whereas I get better results with just 160 Watts).

In 11 generations of main systems, my current one is the first ever AMD based rig. Intel cannot even match my 3950X results with their flagship 18 Core/36 Thread 10980XE

Making the move to AMD has not been easy and there was a large learning process involved, but it was worth the effort.

The only thing that is ready from Intel is their marketdroid/salescritter BS which they put out to hoodwink the gullible.

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I think i got your title, it is still wrong and misleading!

I don't read your content, i lurked it sometimes, found you were fighting with users over some setting, so i closed.
And i'm not inclined to read any of your contents, if it is the same kind of content as in this topic, it's not that good.

I tried to give you knowledgeable clues and will not go further, but rest assured that you are wrong.

Nevertheless these kind of discussion are pretty useful to me, when i need forum discussions examples.


If you have not bothered to either search for or read any of my contributions here then you were outright lying when you stated, "start by posting useful and knowledgeable contents".

You have nothing to offer me, you appear to be the personification of the Dunning-Kruger effect.

I would get more sensible suggestions from a Magic Eight Ball than I could ever glean from your flow of consciousness of unfounded detritus.

You are at best a Skript-Kiddie and at worst you are an insignificant troll.

Your knowledge level seems to be below that of the average Marketdroid/SalesCritter judging from the utter tripe you have sullied this thread with.

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what , they finally came clean...