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Journeyman III

New AMD Promotion for Star Citizen??

I was wondering if anyone knew anything about what kind of promotion AMD was gonna do next like they did the mustang omega. 


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Adept II

Not sure why AMD would have a promotion for Star Citizen when they can't even get their drivers to work.

Anything post 22.5.1 crashes Star Citizen for me (and others..).  Even the latest 22.10.3 .....


That's Star Citizen though - most of the games Physics are CPU driven, this is what causes the crashing.  Plus the Star Citizen application is still in Alpha, so optimisation still isn't on their list of "things to fix" 



I also do not understand why, if optimization is still not on their list of "necessary fixes.


because that's the way of Alpha Vs Beta development workflows.

Adept II

Star Citizen isn't the only game that's crashing.  Elite Dangerous and some others are as well.
Take a trip on these forums, and Reddit and you'll find many having issues with crashing.  Most all agree that rolling back to a 6mos old driver build 22.5.1 or prior resolves the instability.

Some even say don't bother with the full suite of AMD Adrenalin and just install the raw driver only.
Which, is somewhat odd to me, as I include within the purchase price of the AMD GPU, the features developed and included in the AMD Adrenalin driver.  Why wouldn't one wish to get their full money's worth?

And while you're correct regarding the development process (re... Alpha.. Beta...).  When it comes to Star Citizen, CIG have broken that closed development model by allowing anyone to pay to play it and even test it.

While they (CIG) can write as many disclaimers as they want about how it's in Alpha and testing phase, they've opened the door for anyone to come in and play it with a purchase.  People will expect at minimum to have their GPUs work relatively well enough to test it without crashing.  People will also expect that if they create an issue council thread reporting the issue to CIG (and AMD through reporting) that some official acknowledgment/communication and action plan will be set in motion to resolve it.  To which there really has been none that I can find.

So, if AMD wants to do promotions for Star Citizen, a game (among others) that has been crashing on their drivers for over 6 months now, I'm not going to apologize or argue the point any further as to why I think that is inappropriate.