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Mobile gaming?

Hello all! I'll just get straight to the point - what are your thoughts about mobile gaming?

Obviously it's not a replacement for desktop or console gaming, but it is undeniably convenient. I play daily on my tablet and have tried a bunch of different games, from FPS to casual and everything in between. Not really a huge fan of mobile FPS (tried Call of Duty, specifically) but I can see the appeal.

My fave genres on mobile so far have been casual games - easy to pick up and put down at a moment's notice. Shoutout to @elstaci because hidden object games are another type of game that are fun and easy to play via mobile.

What are some mobile games that you've been playing, if any? I've been playing a series of time management games via GameHouse Studios, a word puzzle game called Wordscapes, and a horse racing game called Rival Stars (also playing this on pc via Steam). Rival Stars pictured below! 😁


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My wife plays a couple games on her iPhone, but I can't get her to try PC gaming at all.  On the other hand, I only game on PC.  When I'm away from my PC and have downtime I tend to just read the news, keep up on sports, reply to friends on social media, etc.   The mobile platform just isn't immersive enough for me.  PCs are just so much more powerful, and allow an enormously more broad experience. 

I definitely get the attraction though, and why some people spend a decent amount of their game time on a mobile device.

(plus I've been a PC enthusiast/builder/modder for 20+ years and kinda have a love affair with the PC)

Ah yeah, that makes sense re: mobile gaming not being as immersive as pc gaming. I totally get that. I don't play most mobile games on my phone for similar reasons - immersion for me isn't the same with limited hardware and screen size (and my phone has a 6.4-inch display lol, far from tiny for a phone). I will admit that I play Pokemon Go though. 😅

My tablet is a bit better in that regard - larger screen (11") and decent hardware for what it is (iPad Pro, so no slouch with processing power) but still leaves a lot to be desired compared to pc. I also am not a huge fan of the touch screen controls for certain games that don't have controller support.

Ryzen 7 5800X • Radeon RX 6900 XT • Gigabyte X570S AERO G •

I was a very regular Pokemon GO and Real Racing 3 player. Now I usually play GameBoy or NES emulators to keep the nostalgia going.

I tend to do this during my professional trips, I don't like working on a laptop in a public transport so gaming or music is in order.

At home is always computer.

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