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Adept I

AMD Fluid Motion Frame on 500 Series

When AMD officially announced FSR 3.0 on august, they said that AMD FSR 3.0, HYPER RX and most importantly AFMF or AMD Fluid Motion Frame will work on older Graphics card. But I still don't see any HYPER RX or AFMF on my driver. I have the AMD XFX RX 570 RS 8GB GDDR5 XXX Edition card. Where is AFMF and Hyper RX on my card. If it isn't yet on my card, when will it come out? AMD Proudly said that no one should have to buy the latest generation GPU's to enjoy high quality games. Will HYPER RX and AFMF come out at the start of 2024? Someone Please tell me

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Journeyman III

FSR 3.0 UPSCALING will be available for minimum RX 590 GPU's, you won't get frame generation, minimum RX 5000 class and GTX 1000 class GPU's will get semi FRAME GENERATION support. Time to upgrade.

Adept I

Why won't they release AFMF on my GPU. What is the issue. 

the issue is, you will be vac banned if you play CS2 with it on 😂

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First of all, BRUH, and second I don't play CS2. I just want to use AFMF