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I Liquid Metal'd My Launch Day 6800 XT....and made a video about it!

Hey guys, long time lurker, sometimes poster Geezy here.  I just recently replaced the thermal paste on my waterblocked 6800 XT with liquid metal, and made a youtube video of it.  I'd appreciate it if you guys would check it out 😄

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Those temps are amazing for a stress test. Awesome job very informative youtube video as well. 

John Staradumsky
AMD BYO Champion for Micro Center
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I wonder why oems don't use liquid metal or aftermarket equivalent Thermal compound right out of the box....


It's just way more expensive for OEM's to do it. They love cutting corners wherever possible, and if they can get thermal paste for couple cents compared to couple dollars, they are most definitely taking the cheaper option. Now there are some options that are starting to offer liquid metal, but only for the higher end/more expensive items unfortunately.


Thanks for the info in the vid! Also, it's not quite related, but Liquid metal takes the writing off of processors, doesn't it? I've seen some ryzen cpus recently on ebay that looked wiped.

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saw the vid, poggers !

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