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Journeyman III

Re: How to buy Midnight Black RX 6800 XT

Hello there ❤️ from Germany,

here it is availabe at 4 pm on thursdays. Same page. BUT I think this time I again have been to slow. Same as last week. I didn't get one. The casual version of RX 6800 XT was already gone at 4:20 😞
Mh so sad. This midnight version would fit PERFECTLY to my new case and built <3. Would look awesome 😉
And would be probably hell of a team with this Ryzen 9 5950 X CPU - which is also an AMD product. At the moment there is another GPU - MSI RTX 3060 ti 2 OC. But i'd rather prefer the AMD card... menno ....

Guess some of you guys were lucky, weren't you? How did you do it? Also from the official website, right?


so have a nice time and good luck
best regards


Re: How to buy Midnight Black RX 6800 XT

Until when are the 6800xt midnight black cards available? How do they know you are a member of the amd red team community?


Journeyman III

Re: How to buy Midnight Black RX 6800 XT


Thank you Sir. So it's 15:00 - 3:00 pm here in Germany. I thought it would be 16:00 - 4:00 pm.
But I guess I am not a member of the Red Community. So I can't get it anyways :'-(
'Cause I tried it now for several weeks - I mean to get a RX 6800 XT. But no chance. I really want one from AMD and not a custom built. Actually I like MSI a lot. But I read the Original RX 6800 XT is better. Better cooling - more durability because not overclocked (at least not so much like the MSI version)
So I'll give it up probably. And stick with my RTX 3060ti... 
Although it was a great glimpse into the surface of AMD now. I already got into this forum 🙂
The plan was to get a super good working system with this Ryzen 5950X. I guess it'll work with the 3060ti also. The midnight version was the one i wanted because it would have fit to my other components sooo good. but whatever. 

People of AMD 
Farewell, and VERY GOOD LUCK and GOOD ideas! Also: Good ideas for your Ryzen - Radeon Driver thing u got goin' there! I won't need it now unfortunately but... I wish you the best.
Would have been nice to become a member of the mysterious RED team 😉

P.s.: I am sure you'll do it like i experienced it:
You know, the reason I decided to buy an AMD card (in the beginning i thought sincerly about RX 6700 XT) was this: I got this old AMD graphics card and (probably 10 years old) and it could run Assassin's Creed Freedom Cry - so amazing!!! AND I am SURE it is because YOU guys from AMD know (with TIME) how to write proper drivers. That ENABLE such miracles. This is insane good. I love it. And that's why and how I came to the RX 6800 XT. The Midnight version was then just the dream of the dream. But I am not Red Team Member :'( So sad.


Good bye. Nice to meet you guys. Bye.