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Journeyman III


can i get a gpu at msrp? is that like a myth theses day? any lists i need to get on? help a gamer out

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Journeyman III

Yea, me too connecting every week to buy a card but never been selected. Is there any card to buy at mspr? This is disrespect to the customer to see some cards at 2x msrp...


It does exist out there, just very difficult to get. For example here in Canada - BestBuy does MSRP drops every couple of months.

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Adept II

It's not a good time for gamers, sadly.

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Finally i pickup a rtx3080 at nvidia drop! Their system is better, you really have a chance to get one. Just need to join a discord that watch the drops!





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Adept II

You should find a discord that watches drops, as another has said below. I was able to get an evga card at msrp just this month. Good luck hunting!

Adept I

Gonna be extremely lucky if you do. Pretty much going to be paying the tax if you can’t wait it out. 

yeah so true.

Adept I

I think Micro center is your best bet if you have one near you. Other than that, you're stuck with newegg shuffle and inflated prices.

Idk Micro Center is kind of a bust right now too. They don't carry reference cards, and the AIB's have jacked their own prices up. A 6700XT at my store is like $900.

The AIB manufacturers were complaining about slim to impossible margins when reference card prices were first released.  It was a given that they would add some margins.  Since then, there has also been additional tariffs, supply chain constraints, increased shipping costs, high inflation, and insatiable demand.  The reference cards at their initial MSRP are unicorns and I have no idea how AMD and Nvidia are able to sell them.  My guess is they are doing so at a loss.

All that being said, at $900, that is a around or less than current 6700xt pricing and the market has proven to be willing to pay more when available.  Perhaps the AIBs are adding a little more margin than usual, but you also can't argue that their costs have dramatically increased as well.

I agree MicrCenter is great if you are near one.  

Adept III

Don't worry, NVIDIA will release three more versions of a GPU no one can get their hands on. 

On a more serious note, it will most likely stay this way for at least another six months or so. Things should pick up in the second half of 2022. Note that Chips go in everything nowadays, only making the shortage worse. 

Finally, factories are being built as we speak, but take at least two years to build and get operational. 

So, as much as it sucks, just hang in there. It'll get better, hopefully before the end of the year.

Adept I

Almost impossible.  There are discord servers you can find which monitor and send alerts for stock drops.  If you are incredibly lucky and fast enough, you may be able to buy a card.  But note that you are competing against thousands of others doing the same, plus bots will likely clear out the inventory before you have a chance to cart it.

Your best option (and less stressful) really is to enter the Newegg shuffle, which is open almost daily.  I have received two GPUs this way and was able to pay retail for them (albeit at AIB costs).  AMD also has a queue system whenever the reference cards drop, but even with a queue system with random placement, the bots have still been able to to mostly defeat this (by generating thousands of queues), so very low chance of purchasing a card through AMD's store.

Adept I

The best places Ive found GPUS for close to msrp on were Mercari, Offer up, sites like those, I recently got an r9 290x for 180 Usd on Mercari, but the other cards like the 5700XT and 6700XT are still way higher than msrp

Adept I

I passed up a ps5 to go the gaming rig route but finding it’s not an easy task. Maybe in 2023.