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Did anybody manage to snag an RX 6000 series card?

I couldn't get my hands on one, all were sold out - sadly!

To those who got one, post some pics! 


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Journeyman III

Nope! Was gone in seconds! Smiley Mad

I was able to get it but one thing is that I bought two...


I'll buy the other! 😃


No luck here.  Harder than getting the 5950x.  Didn't have any buy links but I will wait for the 6900xt.


so ur saying youd sell one lol?


Yeah. AMD had the same "problem" as Nvidia with the launch of their 6000 series cards. It appears that these companies have learned that they can create panic buying with this sort of tactic, and greatly inflate demand. They are guaranteed to sell out of each run of the latest cards, and people appear stupid enough to buy them from scalpers for 3x the retail price. Nvidia and AMD are both absolutely disgusting with their bull**bleep** responses to these issues... They don't care about their loyal customers.

The lies are bad enough. But the condescending and ridiculous responses to consumer concerns are just plain offensive. My favorite so far was that AMD’s Chief Architect of Gaming Solutions and Marketing, Frank Azor, had the nerve to show a screenshot of himself being successful in buying a 6800 XT card directly through the AMD site and saying "See? I could do it... You just didn't try hard enough". I wonder... Do you think maybe the MARKETING DIRECTOR OF AMD got preferred treatment at the AMD STORE???

AMD, you are gross. And so is Nvidia. However, congratulations on your record sales and your newly upped stock prices. You've earned it... By selling to bots and scalpers, and screwing your loyal customers (regular, honest people) over. 

So disgusting.

I agree AMD should not let Frank talk. He seems to do nothing but make situations worse. 

If AMD honestly tells us how many cards they had at launch in the chain you could make an honest comparison to team green this time around and more importantly to prior launches. 

Yes it is was dumb of Frank to make false promises and then to add insult to injury by rubbing end users nose in the fact that he himself remove yet another card out of the hand of a wanting user is just stupid. 

The telling thing so far though is that from what many retailers are saying is that they had way more nvidia cards on launch than AMD ones.

This again my be completely because AMD was IMHO not smart by not allowing AIB partners to launch same day, like NVIDIA did. This at least put more cards out at launch. 

Azor was the idiot briefing journos and YTers that "millions of Ryzen 5xxx are shipping [for launch]".


He doesn't just get things wrong or massage the truth.  He flat out lies.


Guy should be fired.


I got mine from the AMD store thanks to the Red Team Pre Release Email.

Just waiting for the EK block and then I'll put it in. Debating if I want to try to get a 6900xt or stick with this. 

i did, but my still showing this:

Order Number:  3787576XXXXX
Order Date:  11/18/2020
Order Status:  Order in Process

Same here, Order in Process...

Jesus guys, how long does it take to pack the **bleep** thing in a box and ship it...

Yeah same here, still no shipping notification or tracking number.

Look AMD, I don't actually mind my order being a backorder, after all I did get that order in at MSRP which is significantly lower than anywhere else. But please at least give us an estimated shipping date. My birthday is in two weeks and I'd like to know if I will have the card by then.


ya an ETA would be awesome (or any sign of life) .. but judging from the general look and feel of the store such things are wishful thinking... 

but hey, they got our personal and creditcard info and are "processing"... gotta enjoy the radio silence some more i guess...

Let's hope for the best.
I am also hoping that my 1070 will keep on living until the day the 6800 arrives ! 

But guys, more importantly, let's hope that this delay in shipping will let AMD work out the bug of the first release drivers !

I think it would be worse to have the card on hand and it doesn't work correctly like previous GPU's

I switched from Nvidia to AMD, hope to not be disapointed. 

gtx 1060 6gb here. i got one of those big 49" 32:9 5120x1440@120hz Displays here that i wanted to be fedt with the 6800 XT. Order in Process, nothing more...

Here I am wishing I had a Gfx card at all 😬. My wife won't let me cannibalize the old rig in the meantime because of 'rona and Homeoffice crap 😋

I’ve just received a shipping notification, so its going out today. Everyone check your spam mail in case. 

Mine is shipping out today, AMD sent me an email around 3:40pm white the updated info and tracking details. 

same here; received the tracking number and invoice via e-mail - but it has not been shipped yet (tracking isnt working) - i guess mine is send its way tomorrow


Same story here. Guess we'll see whether our tracking numbers start working tomorrow (I hope so).


@silentdragon95 wrote:

Same story here. Guess we'll see whether our tracking numbers start working tomorrow (I hope so).

ya im pretty sure they start working when the package gets scanned - at least my tracking number is an AWB Number (i noticed in the tracking link) - those are given out in bulk and only get active once the package is scanned


6800XTMine just arrived (tracking link wasn't working the entire time, but who cares at this point) 😄

i haven't received mine yet.......Man Sad


looks like it's been lost in updates since last wednesday 5am.......


how do i contact amd store / digital river for a solution or refund ?


I didn't get one but my two local MicroCenters got 10 non-XT each and 0 XT.  As far as I can tell XT was not available anywhere near me.  BestBuy seems to not have received any XTs either as they are online only and it still says coming soon.

Frank Azor owes the community a sincere apology and Andre Elijah $10.

We get it.  Demand is up and production volume is down.  It does not forgive Azor over-promising when he saw the same as what we saw with Nvidia's launch.  For the record both of my local MicroCenters had more 3080s (16 and 18) on day one than 6000's.

My order was cancelled and refunded by AMD DE.  

People who had paid and confirmed orders *after* me got theirs shipped.  People who got theirs confirmed before either them or me got cancelled too.


All of the above instances were paid via Paypal (money taken) and confirmed.

Total mess.

NO   😞

I cant believe this is reality now.

1st Time in a loooooooooog  time AMD have a high end GPU that is amazing as far as I'm concerned  and now we cant even buy one.

Been Loyal to ATI - then now AMD  for ever and  Im so happy for them to see how well they have been doing and have come along  .   

This GPU  Scalping and or Botting along with  No Stock or  not not enough  products  just kinda kills  the  mood  ,  So  sad.

I Could buy  the 6900 XT now , and yet  there is none.   Nothing.  Nada.    😞


The bot are crushing most of the new tech. Try to get a new RDNA2 powered game console, NOTHING! I can't get a PS5 even with "in-stock" notifiers. The Bots crush and crash the websites. It's awful. Every purchase interface needs CAPTCHA, and the newer ones like Epic Store uses with the "orient the animals" mini game.


CAPTCHA does not work. Bots can get past that as well as many other safeguards quite easily now days. I have actually done a lot of research on botting for my own personal knowledge.. the only way to combat it now is to refrain from buying anything over priced. let those ebay buy it nows and auctions sit. mark every facebook market place sale as a scam. if they have to hold onto the product they won't buy anymore and eventually they will sell them at retail value because they are losing money holding onto them and you can only buy so many.. unfortunately most botters buy up everything, invest a lot of money doing so and if it isn't gpu's, they are making money on shoes, clothes, and other things.. There is a guy on youtube who puts out regular videos on his botting and what he does.. it is bull**bleep** but it is interesting at the same time.. Look up Unlimited Cop if you want to see what you are up against when it comes to botting.. 


Journeyman III

Any idea when they plan to restock? 


Blame the fing bots just wait an hour and you will see them on ebay for 10 grand






$97,000 with 101 bids as of this moment.


that`s cool, it```s just people flaming the scalper

Journeyman III

Nein, ne halbe Stunde "buy" geklickt und immer auf einer leeren Seite gelandet. Bis dann der Hinweis kam, dass sie leider ausverkauft sei.... muss man nichts zu sagen