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Diablo Immortal - Your Thoughts?


There is no doubt that Diablo Immortal is joining the likes of other, past, highly controversial game launches such as Cyberpunk 2077, No Mans Sky & BF2042 to name a few. However, where those were plagued (and still are) with crappy launches and unfinished games. Diablo Immortal's controversy is surrounding one item - Pay-to-Win Greed.

I was actually looking forward to playing it. The fact that the PC and Mobile game were linked was what sold it for me. So that from time to time I could mess around on my phone, but still have the overall progress from my PC. I had even followed all the details (read: Broken Promises) about how the game was not going to be P2W. However, as we all know now it absolutely is.

So what do you think about it? Are you playing and don't mind that you are at a severe disadvantage against people who pay, or do you feel that this greed is a bit more than what you want to deal with?

Let me know!

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I'm a big Diablo fan and I'm playing through the game solo just questing and leveling up, I haven't hit that 'pay wall' where I feel like I need to spend money to progress forever. The game looks and plays great on PC and I enjoy that it's a mix of D2+D3 as far as the lore goes.

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I love Diablo, and Diablo II. I tried to like Diablo III, and just was not drawn into the game the way I was with the previous titles. I even paid for the Diablo II Resurrected.

With that said I feel like I can't allow myself to try Immortal. I feel like I would probably like it too much to be bothered by it being pay to win, and there lies the problem.

It is designed to pull in people who love the Diablo formula and are willing to ignore the pay to win elements, as well as take advantage of the people who are more impulsive when it comes to spending and wish to be as powerful as possible.  

I personally cannot support that kind of business practice.

I love the concept of a mobile Diablo game. The game alone, without microtransactions that effect drop rates of items that make your character more powerful, seems to be solid and even fun. That is the problem. The inclusion of those microtransactions, ruin an otherwise potentially amazing game. I could deal with cosmetics. I could deal with items that boost experience gained through killing mobs and finishing quests for thirty minutes to a couple hours. I could never take part in games with purchasable drop rate boosts that are only available in the shop. Even the battle pass includes items that will make the paying players more powerful. 

The way this game is designed to abuse paying and non paying players, makes me sick. If this becomes the standard for gaming as time goes on, I will more than likely only play old titles that didn't abuse the player base.

Things like this make me worry for the video game industry as a whole.

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Greetings!  I've played ALL the Diablo games & will admit that the new 'Diablo Immortal' is my FAV!  I've been playing since the game came out. My Necromancer just hit level -265 & so far is my favorite character. I hate to admit....but 'YES'! I've spent wayyyy to much $$$ in game!  (  I won't even look at my Credit Card statement! <yikes>lol!!!  Just make my normal payment &  pop it in my bill drawer lol!) What's strange? In all my years of gaming...this is 1st time I've ever spent this kind of money?  Other than spending $money to purchase a game. I will say that I find myself looking forward when a patch OR update is going in. The game has changed so much since launch & finding it's all been positive with Blizzard really listening to there players!  Right now there getting ready to completely re-vamp the Warband/PVP area.

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I played quite a bit of Diablo III (and still boot it up every now and then when I've run out of things to play), but like many others, adding microtransactions to games that actually impact the over gameplay and experience can sometimes turn me off of them. I understand options to purchase cosmetics (skins, things like that for games) since they just change your appearance, but if I'm able to buy certain items/gear/etc., I could get salty for sure, hehe.

Wally....You nailed it, you couldn't have put it more perfectly!   I completely agree with you Darlin 🙂

Have a great weekend!

~Tami  (aka) Echo Moon

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