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ASUS ROG Ally - AMD powered handheld gaming console


Anybody else excited to see this hit the market? It supposedly uses AMD Ryzen Z1 Extreme APU, which appears to be a customized version of the Ryzen 7 7840U APU mobile platform chipset. AMD is absolutely crushing it when it comes to handheld gaming consoles (Steam Deck) this will definitely entice Nintendo to go AMD for their next console 🙂 

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Really excited although I won't buy one, I know, its strange but I do enjoy to see this advancements again.

I feel like mobile gaming is now relevant again after the PS Vita.
Sony really needs to keep up and put one on the market again, but with steam this time. (Don't be a fool SONY)

Nintendo had AMD in the past, currently it is running on a Nvidia Tegra.
They don't want x86, they want proprietary games, not Steam.

RoG will always be niche, and they beat pretty much everyone in that game.

The Englishman

Was going to mention the Vita too. Don't think they need to add Steam, just give it first party games. They will obviously lose money if they gave people the option to buy games from a different vendor. Though the rumor of the next Sony handheld does not give me any confidence that it won't just be a streaming handheld.

Well, they have games to supply the hardware with, but right now with Steam Deck and RoG ally, not sure if limiting their rig to proprietary will be good on the long run.

Maybe both would be a blast, STEAM and SONY exclusives!

...I saw those rumors and man... Sony already did that in the past, remote play is not new.
If they go down that path again, is pretty much a "foot shot"

I remember one of the first attempts of remote play with PS3 and SonyEricsson AINO and later on the SonyEricsson Xperia Play.



I had one and, sure it was fun to play but today people want logging into steam and play what they have. 

I'm an "hardcore" SONY user, from TV, Speakers, Cameras to Phones. They are really good but the phone division is sadly going down fast with this kind of decisions, like the remote play. 😑

For the first time, I consider changing from the Xperia to a RoG phone.

The Englishman

Here it is like I said one month before.




The Englishman
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Depending on the price for the model with more storage, I might buy one. Does anyone know if you can dual boot with Steam OS and Windows?

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I'm waiting to see a price before I think about committing. The Logitech option routinely ends up under $300 and it's a very similar product though it is all cloud gaming without local storage. Will it easily do PS remote play? Logitech option you need to use an external controller from what I understand, but it easily does XBox remote play. So do need a little more information.

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The official announcement / launch event livestream starts tomorrow!

This live stream showed a LOT of the awesome features this has to offer. I'm actually really excited about this!! 🙂 

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Hey everyone, 

Pre-orders for the ROG Ally are live today for US and Canada. You can learn more about ROG Ally, as well as see where you're able to pre-order here.

Some important features I'd like to highlight: 

  • Enjoy full compatibility with Steam, Xbox Game Pass, Epic Games,, and more, thanks to a fully Windows 11 powered handheld.
  • Smooth AAA Gaming in 1080p.
  • Full throttle experience with ROG XG Movile External GPU.
  • 7” display, Full HD 120Hz, 500 nits
  • Customize your performance levels in ROG Armoury Crate SE. Adjust your RGB preferences and tweak settings for higher frame rates, faster responsiveness, longer battery life, and multiplayer flexibility with AMD software technologies. Which includes:
    • AMD Radeon Super Resolution 
    • AMD Radeon Chill 
    • AMD Radeon Anti-Lag
    • AMD Radeon Boost 
    • AMD Link


Happy gaming y'all! 🙂 


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The prospect of such a collaboration is certainly intriguing, as AMD has been making waves in the gaming industry. With their advanced technology and impressive performance, AMD processors have gained a reputation for delivering exceptional gaming experiences. If this new product lives up to the expectations set by AMD's previous successes, it could potentially revolutionize the handheld gaming market. The combination of the AMD Ryzen Z1 Extreme APU and the anticipated features of this device creates an air of excitement and anticipation among gaming enthusiasts. As we eagerly await its release, it will be fascinating to see how this product shapes the future of handheld gaming consoles.