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any plans for more amd vlans

been awhile since we had a offical amd vlan .be good to see  everyoen gamign together ect for the night  again  before the moved the vlan prizing to the twitch streams   liked it better when all the registered participants   singed up via a  google doc where peeps actually got into rooms and played together annd met some cool peeps 

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Community Manager

Totally hear where you're coming from here. Who doesn't love a good VLan? I'll chat with the team about this and see how we can get the community together to game in the future.

 now were talking 


any news ?



We don't have specifics to announce yet, but we're cooking up some plans to bring VLANs back this year. We'll be sure to post updates once we have them 🙂 

Really hope. Ya guys can come up with some stuff    ever since the switch he'd the prizes from a Google doc entry to the twitch stream everyone would just watch the vlan steam and no one was gaming together . Used to get a lot of peeps in the discord gaming together before that change . So yeah if ya do get something  together   find a alternate entry method stead of the added  online confusion of peeps entering the giveaway on steam when they werent registered for the vlan to begin with.besides the huge downside of everyone paying more attention tho the stream and Noone was gaming together at all the last few times they did it.