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AMD Radeon Software is so Cool

Has anybody tried it out? 

The home page which is the basic monitoring tool looks great and gives very simplistic stats of your hardware while you game.

The video game recording is awesome but needs more enhancements/improvements like being able to block sound from background and certain apps or only record in game, it records everything by default.

My favorite one was connecting it to AMD Link from my phone.  As I was playing on my desktop it was literally streaming from my phone.

What's your experience with it?


The reason is shows N/A for FPS is because I alt-tabbed to take a picture of the Radeon Software, but it is up there while you game.

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Is this a Red Team related attempt to start to get some positive feedback about Adrenalin 2020?

There is already a two month old post on this topic here with plenty of test results and feedback.
I did lots of work testing various versions of it on various PC Configurations and cards.

My overall assessment is total lack of choice or control to do anything or modify the GUI so it is a reasonable size or use it properly. It really annoys me because it is completely cluttered with useless information and information overload in many places. 

The GUI Scaling is way off. The GUI/UI ergonomics are very bad. Many basic GUI/UI features and buttons do not work etc.

Please give me the option to turn "Useful Information" I do not want to see.

That Game Advisor runs all of the time and it counts the very high FPS you see when you sit in game menus etc. It is not clever enough to just test actual game play FPS. It even runs when I try to achieve high benchmark results in 3DMark. There is no user control to turn it on or off, to decide which portion of the game they want to monitor for a quick and "accurate" benchmark and some reasonable Advice.
You could do that in Adrenalin  2019 19.12.1 Game Advisor using the Radeon Overlay.

I do still need a Frame Rate Limiter in Adrenalin 2020 that is separate to Chill for many reasons.
It has been removed.
It seems the assumption is no one will need an FPS Limiter separate to using Chill.
So now I have to download and install RivaTuner to do it.

Separate Global FRTC slider control has been removed and tied in with the old Chill_Max setting.
You need to set Chill_Max as high as possible to get reasonable keyboard only input FPS.
Chill no longer clamps rapid mouse movement to Chill_Min wasting power.

It is now limited to Chill_Max which means screen tearing if you game with VSync off and previously used Global FRTC to limit max FPS.

It seems the assumption is everyone has FreeSync monitors.

DX11 CrossFire Options / DX12 MultiGPU selection Options that are still needed have been removed.
There has been an "only 2 GPUs connected" mindset with respect to which GPUs to pair up for DX11 CrossFire or DX12 MultiGPU.
The new Radeon Overlay is causing problems in Games - either causing drop to desktop or in game character in BF4 to go into a RHS irrecoverable spin.

I briefly managed to look at AMD Link. It keeps disconnecting and getting me kicked off Overwatch or Fortnite or BFV or whatever, just like the old version did and it is far to laggy and tricky to seriously play an FPS Shooter from a phone screen "controller".

I will continue to post my own testing here: Do you like the new interface of Adrenalin 2020 Edition?
assuming the above thread doesn't vanish from search results or get locked or marked as "Assumed Answered".

That way this thread can get filled with positive feedback.

This post was solely based on my opinion and nothing else.  Like I said, it's very minimalistic right now but I can see it improving over time.


I think it very definitely needs a large amount of work and  needs to improve.
It is not all negative.There are a few nice features like Radeon Performance Overlay can report more than one GPU at a time (I tested it with 5 AMD GPUs on one PC) which is a request / piece of feedback a gave in the past. However that is in complete conflict with what has been done with Crossfire (DX11 and MultiGPU) pairing options. If you are interested to see what testing I have / am doing please go here: Do you like the new interface of Adrenalin 2020 Edition?
It does not look like many people are downloading and testing these Adrenalin Drivers. If you have Norton Internet Security you can check how many people have downloaded the files. I am seeing very low numbers reported. 

Adept I

lmao yeah i love the part where my pc bluescreens