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Journeyman III

Add to Cart on Rx 6800 Midnight Edition doesn't do anything!!!

Been here attempting since couple minutes before 9 am EST!!!

I see it keeps getting back to stock and it lets me click the "Add to cart button" but then after refreshing 10 minutes later it says "Out of Stock".

And then it becomes available again...

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Adept II

I have also had this happen. 


That is because the bots are overwhelming the system.  AMD sent out an "advanced notification" to red team members, as if that means anything in the age of bots.  Bots monitor store sites 24/7, so as soon as product appears they buy.  Their constant requests lock you out and you get nothing.  Now, if AMD's link had sent you to a private store instance that contained the card, that would be another story, but that is a bit to much effort for them.  Instead, they dump product on a store and it's picked clean immediately, and they can act like they did something for you.

Yet us not using bots get hit with access denied. The system is broken, period. 


"Yet us not using bots get hit with access denied. The system is broken, period. "


The bots would get hit with that too.  The assumption from AMD was the bots are constantly refreshing and thus would get locked out.  Of course, scripts can be easily be updated to change the IP address periodically, and since the lockout is IP based, the bots can easily circumvent this.  


Now they only people being locked out are regular users trying to beat the bots.  But again, AMD doesn't really care who buys their cards.  Not enough to really do anything about it.