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Journeyman III

Zero RPM troubles with Adrenalin, not working properly

Hi all! First post here, thanks for reading.

I like having a quiet computer when idling or on the desktop doing lightweight tasks etc. I wanted to use the Zero RPM feature in Adrenalin, hoping to have the GPU fans not turn on at all until they hit 50 degrees celcius.

My GPU is the XFX 7900 XT Speedster Merc 310.

So the thing is, Zero RPM only works if i turn on Manual tuning. But after a certain time, the GPU fans start spinning, before turning off again. This happens almost like clockwork (with light apps in the background it starts after about 40 seconds, spinning for 30 seconds, then off again). With and without Advanced control, it doesn't matter whether I set a custom Fan Speed curve or not.

If I set the settings to Default tuning, the fans never turns off, but sits around 550 RPM on very light usage. Which isn't very loud, but since the Zero RPM feature exist I'm still interested in getting it to work.

What I find odd, is that there are no noteworthy temp fluctuations when the fans start spinning. And if I open the Advanced Control, and look at the curve, the temperature is well below the threshold in which Zero RPM should stop working.

Another strange behavior is that if I open the Adrenalin window when Manual tuning is on, the GPU fans immediately starts spinning, up to 23% of the RPM. If I minimize the window, the fans eventually turn off again.

So it doesn't seem like the spinning is initiated because of a temperature change, but rather something else initiates it. Any idea what that is? Is there something I can change to make Zero RPM work for more than a minute? Is it a driver issue? I'm updated to the latest Adrenalin driver by the way, but the issue was also the same in the previous driver.

Lastly, here are the temperature readings from HWiNFO64 while I was on the desktop:
GPU Temp: 35-36C
GPU Hotspots average: 37C
GPU Hotspots maximum: 45C
GPU Memory Junction: 60-64C
GPU Fan max rpm: 1044

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