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Adept I

Youtube video stutter with GPU & CPU Util going down, Memory CLK full up (ryzen 3200U)

For more than a year, since I bought my laptop I am facing the issue, hoping for AMD team to resolve it in an upcoming driver update but it never happens. From now on I hope to reach to you through several resourses.

CPU: Ryzen 3200U with Radeon Vega Mobile Gfx
22.8.1 Adrenaline driver or 30.0.13023.4001 (16 dec 2021) driver installed with Windows Update or any other driver.

So what I experience is: While watching video on Youtube (720p or higher) / Twitch for 20s - 2min severe stutter suddenly appears. With 2 or 3 frames per 10 second and very slow response to any action on that chrome tab. It lasts from ~ 10 to 20s before YT player auto reloads itself OR I change the resolution to 480p, which is basically the same. And after another 20-120s it appears again. The duration usually depends on resolution choosen and whether player is capable of reloading itself. Sometimes it might lasts continuously untill I reload it myself. Periodicity does not directly (if ever) depends on resolution.

I did some logging using AMD Software and here are some metrics: Interval per record (string) is default = 2s.

1440p60fps Youtube CSV fragment. 


1080p60fps Youtube CSV fragment. 

4k.png2160p60fps Youtube CSV fragment.

Important to notice that no thermal throttling occured according to HWiNFO64 (HTC, PROCHOT CPU, PROCHOT EXT) sensors.

[LINK] CSV logs made by Adrenaline is available here (Google Drive) that includes 4 measurements (1080, 1440, 2140x2)

As you can see the symptoms are:  GPU core Memory Clock reaches it maximum and stays at 1200 Mhz while utilization goes down. Task Manager shows "Video Codec 0" 100% usage.

I have found similar report on this forum with the exact same symptoms from user egor147. Here it is . But I did some testing and the problem is not related to video codec as it appears in both vp09 or av01 codecs.

Workaround that I find the only way to view streaming video: Turning off hardware acceleration in browser setttings which allows to watch up to 1080p in about ~40-45 fps.

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Well, I used 3400g before, and now I use 5600g.

In my case,3400g has vp9 decode problem.(vcn decode 100%), occuring in youtube and local mediaplayer.

The symptom is vary  clear. The VCN work with idle clock,and vram clock lock on 3200Mhz.

I will suggest you to check VCN clock when stuttering. I fix the bug with ryzenadj(the project is EOL, but still work for vega).  Just lock 400Mhz as the min vcn clock,and it will be fine.

By the way, in overclock situation, the high GFX voltage would cause the VCN module unstable.

Adept I

Hi, I use a workaround with a ryzendj utility (AMD completely ignores my bugreports, and the problem persists on win11 also), download and install ryzenadj. I've created a .cmd file with the following contents (you can change the --min-vcn to your best value). Also, create a new task in task scheduler, schedule to run the script at the system startup and on the wakeup events.

cd C:\Program Files\Ryzen Controller\resources\app.asar.unpacked\build\bin
ryzenadj.exe --min-vcn=30

Adept I

Thanks for your replies.

I've contacted AMD tech support (website form -> then ticket),

He suggested to 1) Update my 1.13 Bios up to 1.14 (released 24 Jun 2022). 2) Install (downgrade) AMD driver recommended by Lenovo (Apr 2020).

Looking back at my experience I have to say Bios updates indeed fix some issues (like correct detection of battery charge level). Though Lenovo never admits such issues in Summary of Changes. So I've only updated bios for now.

It still gets stutter once in a while. But now it lasts for about 3 seconds and just doesn't get to the point when it's totally stuck and force me to reload player myself anymore. Two days before I would say periodicity had also decreased a lot. But unfortunately yesterday I've had this every 3 minutes on Twitch stream. Had to reopen Chrome to make it go away.

Summing up, whatever that is still occurs but it gets detected fast enough and unstutter automatically to not give me headaches (no audio stutter anymore). Luckily for now I face this way less often.

I will continue to observe. I might try rizenadj if it gets worse.