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Journeyman III

Wrong version of driver is installed

Hi, I need to update my AMD radeon R7 M265 graphic card driver but when I try to install it I get the wrong version and therefore I get a black screen when I try to reboot the laptop.


My driver updating process is as follows:

First I use DDU to uninstall any previous AMD driver (in safe mode), and when this is done successfully and that've rebooted the system, I then try to download and install this driver which is the one I need for my graphic card. []


After it finished installing the driver (in safe mode) and that I rebooted the system (possible here cause I'm rebooting in safe mode), when I go check on the new AMD software I get the message "no amd graphics driver is installed or the amd driver is not functioning properly.".

So after this I go look in the release notes of the Adrenalin 21.5.2 driver [] and I see that the version that I got is the one for windows 7 even though I chose the windows 10 version.


When I go in device manager, then when I go to properties of amd graphics card and then into driver. It says my driver version is 27.20.20903.8001 when it should be the windows 10 one (27.20.21003.8013).

If I don't uninstall the AMD driver i can't boot the laptop in normal mode otherwise I get the black screen.

Please does anyone know what the problem is here?

Thank you for your help.


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Many of the older AMD apu/gpu combo laptops required installing the apu graphics drivers, what model is your cpu(or apu) ?

And you don't install the drivers in safe mode.


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Not trying to "pile on" to your current problem, but in addition to what goodplay mentioned, it's best to already have the new driver you wish to install on-hand, prior to uninstalling the previous driver, and, in so much as possible, disconnect the platform from the internet during the uninstall/re-install process.

The reason for that is I've seen Windows decide to get involved when you re-boot after driver removal and, unbeknownst to you, start fooling around with your system to compensate for what it feels is a problem with your computer. While this wouldn't be responsible for a driver/OS mis-match, I have seen at least a couple of instances where a delay in installing a replacement AMD Radeon driver while using a system allowed Microsoft to "help" just enough to cause some flakey graphics issues later, after the Radeon driver was installed.


Sorry for the late reply,

My laptop has a Intel Core i7-4500U cpu.

I usually install the driver updates in normal mode but I couldn't do it here because when I tried to install the driver in normal mode my screen would freeze. In safe mode it didn't freeze but apparently it installed the wrong version or i missed a step. Sorry again for late reply.