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Journeyman III

Wraith Prism RGB working "when it wants to"

Just recently installed a Ryzen 7 2700X with, of course, the Wraith Prism cooler. I knew ahead of time that only ONE cable should be plugged in at a time, in my case was the USB cable to the mobo. The cooler was then recognized by Windows and I could use MysticLight (on my X470 Gaming Plus) to control the lighting.

The next day the RGB wasn't working correctly. First off, the fan lights would jump to a certain brightness and then slowly dim down back to off. The ring light would "randomly" work; where it would display what color it was supposed to be for a few seconds and then turn off. The logo however stays on.

So I dug through plenty of forum threads and found the CoolerMaster software to control the RGB, and to no avail it had no effect. This was after "uninstalling" what Windows recognized the fan to be (which was AMD SR4 fan blah blah blah). I can't tell what could be causing the problem. 1) Do I need to  connect to the different USB header on the mobo to see if the former header is damaged? 2) Am I having some weird software bug where I just can't control lighting properly? 3) Seems like on the USB cable for the cooler that a couple of crimped sleeves are a tad bit loose in the housing, maybe there's poor connection to the header?

I've dug through forums to find a solution and haven't found a similar problem, but if there is one out there with a solution then PLEASE re-post the thread here. THANKS!

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Journeyman III


I have the same problem, is anyone help us?  

Journeyman III

same things please someone its annoying, one day it work and the next day do **bleep** it want just the amd logo seems to work correctly