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Journeyman III

World of Warcraft unplayable on Radeon VII with 19.5.2, 19.6.1

Since I tried the 19.5.2 beta (the WHQL experience is the same), I noticed there was a major issue on my computer with World of Warcraft. The closest thing I found regarding World of Warcraft and the 19.5.2 is niconico1992's post and the VIDEO_SCHEDULER_INTERNAL_ERROR issue he has; and while I don't have a crash, it is not much more playable:

the character selection screen is OK, but as soon as I enter the actual game, the frame rate gets to a crawl, that is, about 1 frame every 10 seconds or worse, while wow.exe hogs 85-90% of all CPU threads.

When I revert to 19.4.1, everything is fine.

I am somewhat surprised that I did not find any other result regarding this issue, but every PC's different, and given the now 7 years of service of mine, it got a few bits added on the way, even if I guess the specific issue might once more be chipset related. (It was not really suited for AMD gfx cards in its infancy, given I had a Sapphire 7970 Ghz Ed 6GB on a X79 motherboard and happened to be playing a game which allowed me to encounter a random hardware lock (actual reset button not working) due to that unlucky combination until a workaround was added later in a driver, to give a 2 seconds freeze instead, which was a huge improvement).

Here are the bits (most of them likely being unnecessary), in case someone else stumble on this post for a similar issue:

CPU: Intel Core i7 4960X 4Ghz

Motherboard: Gigabyte GA-X79-UD5 (F13w)

RAM: G.Skill RipJaws 4x8GB DDR3 1866Mhz

PCIe x16: Sapphire Radeon VII (w/ EKWB) on 2 Samsung LE40D550 (via DP to HDMI, 1080p) and 1 LG OLED55C6V (via DP to HDMI, 4K) (+ HTC Vive via HDMI)

PCIe x4: ASUS Hyper M.2 with Samsung 970 EVO 1TB

PCIe x4: LSI 2008 adapter with Samsung 850 EVO 1TB and Western Digital Green 3TB

PCIe x1: AverMedia Live Gamer (not used anymore)

X79 SATA2: 4x Western Digital RED 1TB in RAID1+0

X79 SATA3: Samsung 830 EVO 250 GB and Samsung 840 EVO 1TB

Marvell eSATA3: Crucial MX300 2TB

X79 USB2: HID : Roccat Nyth, Roccat Ryos MK FX, Wacom Intuos (w/ BT), Track IR Pro

X79 USB2: Sharkoon Xtatic Pro (w/ Realtek TOSLink in, and Logitech Z-5500 out)

Fresco Logic USB3: Steelseries Siberia 350

+about 4 USB hubs with 2 dongles

PSU: Seasonic X-760

OS: Windows 10 Pro

While I'm at it with the 19.5.2, it also did not fix the screen blinking issue I have, which seem to differ from a few I saw on video: I get some kind of random noise on the screen for a few frames, more and more frequently until the screen usually ends up losing the signal, and I have to fix the issue by resetting the screen switching something such as SDR to HDR, resolution change, or the easiest in my case which is in the Radeon panel to switch from 8bpc to 12 (which does not stick, but reset the screen and there is no issue afterward, unless it goes into energy save mode).

But here my main screen (the LG) even start with a black screen leaving me login blind. It happened after each reboot when I installed the 19.5.2 beta and the 19.5.2 WHQL. I did not have the time to really play reinstalling much so I only have 100% occurence over just 2 times. I'll likely make a dedicated post if I end up doing more testing.

(Plus there is no more GPU fan speed with HW Monitor, but that may be a feature given I do not have anymore any fan connected?)

Edited to add that 19.6.1 is as expected from the release notes, exactly the same:

0FPS WoW, and black login screen after install (also happens in 19.4.1 tho) with screen still blinking with noise, needing to be reset manually.

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Journeyman III


have approx. the same problem since the upgrade to 19.5.2 but with Football manager 2012. Each time I try to launch it, system crashes with a blue screen indicating VIDEO_TDR_FAILURE (apparently linked to atikmpag.sys file...). If someone (or even better : a tech from AMD directly !) could help... (didn't get the problem with version 19.4.3 but can't find this driver version back... - made also the upgrade to 19.5.1 before :-(( !) Thanks by advance for the help

Adept III

I have this exact same problem, but with Overwatch.

I boot the game, go in training room, framerate is low and cpu usage is at 90+% on my ryzen 7 and after a few minutes it goes away and i can play fine.

I had this since a very long time by the way, and i'm not even using 19.5.2 right now but 19.4.1.