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Windows setup needs storage drivers

I have a new PC with an B650M-Plus.It does not have windows pre-installed, so i have to do it.Sounds easy , i installed the windows 11 iso setup on a usb and plugged it in.But than after clicking on "install" in the windows setup it tells me it needs some storage drivers which it does not have but need.I know what this mean but i cant figure out what exact drivers i need and where i can get them?If it matters i currently dont use a M2 Nvme(As i only have a M2 Sata which as far as i know doesnt work).I have a SSD and a HDD connected using sata.(The SSD is where i want my windows and the HDD already has some data that shouldnt be deleted).I hope my text is understandable and this post isnt off topic.

Thx. for any try to help me

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