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Journeyman III

Windows replaced drivers, driver disabled, black screen, etc. - I KNOW WHAT IS THE ISSUE - AMD FIX!

So here is the issue:

Ryzen 9 7950X iGPU drivers, whichever driver I install I get the infamous Windows driver replaced bla bla PA-300 check out the soultion, when I try to open Adrenalin Software, if I look at Device Manager, I can see that Windows disabled this device because it reported a problem (Code 43)

So hear me out what is the problem and please AMD fix this!

The only driver that works for now is 23.3.1, everything else after that one will simply result in black screen, monitor on, screen black, driver disabled. The fix? Disable SVM mode in bios, that is the only way for every driver to work. But AMD this is not a solution I need virtualization ON and I need my iGPU to work too!

So the issue lies with virtualization being enabled. Once disabled, every driver works without issues. So AMD please make a fix, see what is working within 23.3.1 driver and apply that to other ones as well... Some people rely on having virtualization enabled.

Also for anyone having issue, there is your fix because the following WILL NOT WORK:

- Group policy disabling windows update driver
- DDU uninstall and fresh install
- Fresh windows install
- AMD clean driver install, tool whatever, no go
- All above


So there you go, who needs a quick and dirty solution disable SVM if you do not need it, if you do, well 23.3.1 works for now. And once again, AMD please fix this!

Thank you!

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