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Journeyman III

Windows keep ”pushing” away my amd drivers


I had this computer for about 2 years now and since summer 2022 Windows has pushed away my amd drivers and i don’t knop why? And i don’t fond anyone else that have the same issue. Please help me


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Journeyman III

Windows update updates drivers automatically you have to stop automatic updates

AMD Software Adrenaline Update Driver. You have to disable it too.


Another option to disable automatic updates from Windows Update is to disable automatic driver download. This differs from disabling Windows Update entirely in that, instead of stopping the entire process and all updates with it, this will only affect driver installations, leaving Windows Update to update our Windows operating system, in addition to continuing to receive security patches and Windows Defender updates.

More info

You have to use group policy to prevent Windows Update from installing / changing graphics drivers >

Adept I

I experience this same problem too. It's annoying as hell. I'd download and install the latest 22.11.2 driver and the next day Windows will push my driver to the one that windows replaces it with. Annoyed I'd try again to keep it to the latest one and yet the problem of Windows downloading and replacing it happens again.


So it's a losing battle. Then I saw that AMD now created the 22.11.2 now with WHQL attached to it so I thought yay problem solved. I'd download and install it once again so that I can enjoy gaming. Low and behold not many days pass and Windows once again has downloaded and replaced my latest version with it's lower specced driver. Sigh. So I've stuck with the lower one waiting for some update or fix to this problem which is frustrating that we got to go through this because we want the better performing one but it doesn't allow it to stay.

Adept III

You can hide / unhide specific windows updates, including drivers and optional updates, by using the following Microsoft tool. I had the same problem with my laptop, while on the other hand I never had problem concerning my desktop pc.

Download wushowhide - MajorGeeks


Maybe simply go to Windows search, type in change device installation settings -> select "No" -> Ok -> restart

DDU current drivers, install the ones you want.