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Journeyman III

Windows 11 RX 6800 static flashing driver issue

Hey, how're you doing? Yep - another driver support thread!


So, I've been having this issue since I first got the card 6 months ago where there would be random static flashing on the screen every 5-10 minutes for a millisecond; this has persisted across multiple driver versions, different DDU driver removals and fresh windows installs.


I've recently ran a dual boot Fedora Linux and Windows 11 PC and it seems the issue only persists on Windows 11 while on Fedora it's non-existent.


Was just wondering if anyone has had a similar issue or if this is a common occourance as I've tried to search online for possible solutions to no avail.



  • Different Windows Installs
  • Different AMD driver versions
  • Different PSU
  • Different cables
  • Different monitors
  • DDU

Thanks for reading

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