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Windows 10 shows wrong video card :-( How to change it

I have a AMR R9 370 card but W10 sees it as a r9 200 series.

I have downloaded, installed and used AMD adrenalin 22.6.1 but when I run it I receive error code 182.

When I follow the instructions it tells me to use adrenalin 22.6.1 

Is there a way to find the last driver for the R9 370  manually?





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IF this isn't a laptop here is the last supported AMD Driver of your GPU card:

Same one that you installed by the way.

Use DDU to uninstall the current AMD driver and delete AMD installation folder at C:\AMD to prevent any corruption of new installations of AMD Drivers.

What does Device Manager show under Display Section? Any errors showing anywhere in Device Manager?

AMD Error 182 is Unsupported GPU card. Download and run GPU-Z and see exactly which GPU card you have installed in your PC or Laptop.

If you can upload an image of GPU-Z if possible.

Sorry for taking so much time. 

So I installed GPU-Z and it tells me that I have a R9- 200. Yet the sticker on the card says R9-300.

There are no other errors in the Device manager except for this one: wd ses device usb device

So I am going to use DDU to uninstall the AMD drivers and I will see what it does and come back to share the results.






According to GPU-Z you have this installed:

Screenshot 2022-06-11 234746.png

Also according to GPU-Z your AMD Driver seemed to have been installed correctly. All the appropriate boxes at the bottom of GPU-Z are check marked.

You have a Asus GPU card. at the top right corner under "LOOKUP" click on that and it should take to the GPU card you have installed.

Your GPU card is not supported anymore by AMD with Driver updates.

Please post your Windows version installed and BIOS version for your Desktop computer unless this is a Laptop then post the exact laptop model.

another words please post your complete PC information. It might be possibly a Windows incompatibility or some other issue.

What are all the drivers you are having issues with in Device Manager?

Also run in a elevated Command Prompt or Powershell the following command to check your Windows OS for corruption: SFC /scannow.


Ok so I used DDU to remove the AMD drivers.

Device manager says that I have a basic Microsoft driver.

I deleted C: /AMD 

I installed Adrenalin

But it still gives me error 182.


Any other suggestions?






Once I rebooted, I only had access to 1 of my 3 screens, which is normal since I now had the basic Windows driver.

Fortunately, I was able to restaure my computer to an earlier version, so everything is back to what is was, but I still have this mismatch. 

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install ADRENALINE driver from AMD website, download for 6900XT the most recent optional or recommended.

once the setup has completed, do the same for the AMD chipset drivers like x670E or threadripper w8rx or whatever its called get the BEST ones.. its all the same but the OS maybe lets it do more.

If your older card doesnt use latest features its fine, have the latest driver anyway its more optimized.

Once the setups and installers for chipset driver and adrenaline software are installed and rebooted a few times, you may want to reboot several times to safe mode and uninstall previous ones first with AMDcleanup utility from AMD website. Then when those setup installers for those have completed without any error message or code numbers on the end page with the finish button. You then go to device manager. I think windows key and X at the same time then select device manager. Find your graphics card and driver in DISPLAY and click on RX200 or 300 or mine is 5700xt. I then click it to highlight and up the top select ACTION > ADD DRIVERS. I then select include subdirectories. Those installer setup exe files for adrenaline and chipset driver left the drivers unpacked and extraced to C:\AMD for me. So i set it to C:\AMD and click next.. it should then install your correct display driver. Hope this helps.

Assuming you want to try for something better you could do the same thing for the AMD HDMI audio device or other sound device and almost everything in your computer select C:\AMD and add driver. if it finds it it will put it in and be better. You may also strongly consider deleting the windows recovery hidden folder winRE and delete system restore points and disable system protection, while ensuring all exploit protection and core isolation and memory intergrity is ENABLED and on along with DEP.

for better performance, but some laptops you cant delete windows recovery because it has a custom key and apps for its custom hardware. so if you've a laptop you can still do everything else but keep recovery. IF you do delete recovery keep a reinstall CD or USB or some form of reinstalling or back up image of a new install before you do delete it make sure its bootable.

Furthering that my 5700xt in display in device manager i can right click it and go to update and select browse and choose from a list, then click HAVE DISK/BROWSE and go to my C:\AMD\PACKAGES\DRIVERS\DISPLAY\WTA and select the WTA inf file in there and then uncheck show only compatible devices and my 5700xt i select 6950XT. this can be visibly better for me and maybe games a bit faster. you can do the same for audio by selectiong AUDIO in the drivers directory instead of display remember to select HDMI or other for different types of audio.