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Adept I

Windows 10 crashes/freeze when turning/power on Extended LGTV !!


My computer is connected both to an monitor (DVP / (Optix G27C2) and to my LGTV (HDMI via hometheater).

Now and then ( not alway's) when i turn on my TV , the display from my monitor turns black for a brief moment and turns back on (best scenario) .

But now and then IT DOESN't turn back on and BOTH screens TV+MOnitor are black = WIN10 CRASH !!  i have to manually resset the computer !!

I have done many things to work arround it (change settings, cables from both monitor/receiver & tv), nothing helps it keeps randomly crashing my desktop !!

The only thing left is  rolling back drivers (one by one) to narrow down the possibilities, which iam about to do soon !!

Now, bassically change cables and settings from my receiver like passthrough or turning of HDCP protocols and what not DID NOT HELP either !!!

But iam conviced cables and or settings isnt the issue, it all happend since i upgraded from win7 to win10 !!

Have worked years with the very same setup hardware&software and this never happend before i did the upgrade to win10 !

This is getting nurve wrecking!!  Since, it does that randomly and alway's when my computers is doing important tasks !!!

My system is:

MOBO: Sabretooth FX990 R2.0

CPU: FX-8350BE@4,7Ghz

Cooling: NZXT x52

GPU: RX580 8GB

SSD: Samsung EVO 850 250GB

RAM: 16GB PC3-12800 Quad Channel

Thanks in Advance


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Adept I

wow, NO ONE SINGLE reply to my inquery !!

Long Live the support channel !!

Allow me to help myself and others who read this.

For those who are in the same boat like me regarding the matter.

It seems AMD drivers are the culprit (once again !!)

Rolling back the drivers to rev.18.10.2  did solved my problem..

So far, i've had no crashes/lock ups/freezes when turning on my LED tv screen connected to my Dolby Atmos Receiver wich is connected to my PC (holding fingers acrossed!).

UPDATE 1: It seems that the Audio Driver for AMD HDMI ports is THE BIG MAIN PROBLEM !!!!   Not the Video driver , but the Audio component of amd's package is causing all this !!

And that is causing the lock up /freezes when i change the audio settings in win10 to Dolby Atmos Theatre !!!!!!!!!!   My Home Cinema Receiver does infact support Dolby Atmos 5.1.2 !!!! 

Rolling back Amd audio drivers back to 18.11.xx package doesn't seem to fix The problem.  Furthermore, the audio driver from 18.10.2 don't allow me to turn on Dolby Atmos Theatre. 

AS a matter of fact, The Option to choose Dolby Atmos for Home Theater is GREYED OUT !!!!!


I have found out the HDMI Audio driver is CAUSING ALL THAT ↑ !! 

Reverting just the HDMI Audio Driver back to solved my problem completely.  

Between the time of this posting and now i have had 0 freeze or computer lockups because of the bad driver!!