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Adept II

Why there is no chipset driver on site, while there is on asus site?

Hi ive just find new chipset driver on ASUS site for B350, while i cant find it on official AMD site, here is only So where i should find correct latest driver?

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Adept III

does it matter which one you use? they are probably the same. 


They are not the same because has Ryzen power plan version, while has

Its an older driver mainboard brands often like to rebrand old drivers as newer sometimes way newer, cos they are to lazy to upload the new drivers to their web pages, you should complain at ASUS / MSI / etc for rebranding older drivers as newer and misleading you, rather then complain here at AMD that their drivers are out of date.

The AMD chipset driver is the standard, many motherboard makers release a modified version to suit their specific needs.

If they find an issue with one, then it gets replaced with a newer version.


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well just you that one...why are you asking? This isnt an issue really is it