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Journeyman III

Why is There No RSR Support on The RX 590

I want to use RSR support in RX 590. I need this technology.

Who agree with me?

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Journeyman III

Then get a recent card if you want "support".. AMD isn't limiting functionality of even only their cards FSR 2.0 works on non supported cards just FYI. I believe FSR 2 is even intended to work on Nvidia GPUs just like FSR 1.0... also there is no RSR it got renamed to FSR 2.0 as of today.

It just won't work as well on older GPUs as it isn't optimized for them and thus won't be called "supported" but its probably still going to work... I mean FSR 1.0 even works on low end Intel GPUs.

Sorry, but that is just B***S***!

I'm a Vega64 owner and RSR is based on the FSR. Which works perfectly fine on Vega and 500-series.

This is just a way for AMD to force users to upgrade, by software-limiting things.

This s*** is the thing, why I haven't bought any Nvidia hardware for as long as I can remember...

I'm EXTREMELY disappointed and users should raise a total s***storm, because of these shady business politics.

My God, it seems, that money really is the only case for AMD too.

Power corrupts, and total power corrupts totally.

After all the fine talking about open development and open software, this is what we get?

AMD should be ashamed of themselves!

I know that the market still looks like trash but c'mon, I can understand.

Polaris and Vega cards are from 2016 and 2017 (6 Year OLD) and in this business, that's OLD.

A RTX3050 is challenging the mighty old GTX1080 so Low End has already caught up with the once High End.

And I still have a RX 480 OC'ed to 1400mhz, well I did bumped it lately to 1450 to see if it holds up, STRIX models used to be great at OC'ing with their beefy heatsink and 3 fans.

In the end, I'm glad we have FSR, it really bumps Cyberpunk to a very very playable level for me. For a 2016 card, I'm sad that I won't be getting such a great card at such a good price anymore.

Good Job AMD, the Polaris Cards really are some of the best I've seen.

The Englishman

It's because corporations care about their share holders not their customers and once they get your money forget it.

The point is, that RSR is FSR, but driver level. There is NONE other change.

So the only reason, to make it NOT available to earlier cards, is to make the owners of before mentioned cards, to upgrade to newer cards.

So it's plain and simple MONEY. Everything else is BullS***.

It's about FORCING customers to buy newer cards, just because of money.

There is no technical point to it.

It's just greed.

I would, very much, like to continue using AMD-cards, but I have waited for frigging 2 years for availability and price to come down!

After that, I really have the patience to wait for something like a few months/whatever more and maybe buy Intel GPU?

AMD showed, after being an underdog for a VERY long time, that they use the same business practices as about every other manufacturer. Well, yeah, money talks and bu**s*** walks... But anyway...


I'm still, REALLY, disappointed...

The main reason for this issue is to raise awareness for amd and to bring this feature to old cards. Buying a new card is not the solution for me.

Adept I

AMD is going to underwhelm if other will implement FSR/RSR on cards like 1080/1060. There are still pretty capable cards like Fury series and 3xx series. It would be nice from AMD to expand the FSR/RSR support down to those cards, if this is technically possible, which I suppose is. 

Also, this upscaling mode could be an absolute win for the older games either not supporting modern screen resolutions as well as the games patched for the HD modes. I've tested Pharaoh and System Shock 2, both originally were limited at 1024*768. Pharaoh looks great upscaled to 1440p, the only catch is the driver doesn't work correctly with the aspect ratio, so it's stretched to the full panel. System Shock 2 (GOG version) is patched and supports any modern resolution, but guess what, its UI images are drawn for 1024*768 and they are pixelated on higher resolutions. RSR, however, scaling from 1280*720 (added to the game with later patches) to 2560*1440 produces quite smooth text and menus, and the 3D-scene is not that detailed anyways, so a little blurry edges are perfectly ok as for me.