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Adept II

Why is the RS so slow?

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Adept I

Screen capture - f01e836033af6b3edb027e67ae518dcb - Gyazo 

Its ultra fast. Nvidia Systemcontrol takes 20 sec to open on my laptop LUL


ultra fast it was in ~ 2016, then it got slower. Yes, for so long it only switches for the first time, but for example the ReLive tab is still slow. In different versions of the driver, a twitching of the interface as a whole may appear.
and this is on i5-6500 and SSD

Adept III

Same here, Radeon Settings has been getting slower update after update...

Few people reported it, majority just "accept it" because of their low quality standards, or they just think AMD will somehow "fix it" in a next update, then, they are going to wait a long time.

Thing is nothing is being done about it, as usual, because we're not enough to report it, and AMD doesn't care about minorities.