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Adept I

Why is my Red Devil 5700XT making a noise when I move my mouse?

I have been running my Red Devil 5700XT now since Saturday morning and so far I am very impressed. Coming from the RTX 2060 its definitely a huge step up. Now, as far as issues go I have had no BSOD's, no issues in gaming (so far Overwatch, WOW Classic. Metro Exodus, D3) but . .

Now this is an odd one . . .

My Red Devil is making a slight noise when moving the mouse!?!? Noticed it last night when browsing, no other noise. When I scrolled up and down with the wheel there is a very slight, well coil noise I guess , like a tiny person is whispering "hushhhh" is the only way to describe it. It's VERY quiet though . . .

So I stripped my rig, right down to just the GFX card and bare essentials, still did it. Tried my old 2060 back in the system, no noise. So I put the Red Devil back in and loaded up in Safe Mode with networking, noise has gone. Back to normal Win 10 & noise is back. Also tried it in safe mode with Network Enabled, no noise.

On Win 10, fully updated. Fresh install of Windows. All other drivers manufacturer latest. No other issues with rig.

Does anyone have any ideas on what could be causing this?

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you have already written it yourself. Coil noise. Try changing the mouse USB port or changing the Windows power options or changing the Windows theme options (transparent effect etc...).

Adept I

Thanks for the speedy reply. I have tried all available power profiles, I've tried the front USB ports and all the rear, no difference.

Why would just using the desktop or browsing cause coil whine? I have had a lot of cards in the past and I have experienced coil whine when gaming, overclocking etc but never from browsing or pointing at the moving the middle mouse wheel. The mad thing is, I can play a game with 98% GPU usage and it doesn't coil whine at all!!


Probably GPU core clock speed is changing with mouse movement. This causes coil noise. In fact, such noise cannot be avoided. Maybe a driver update or a Windows setting might reduce it.