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Adept II

Why cant we have Separate crossfire updates ?

if my memory didnt fail me ? about 5 years ago , we had separate profiles to install , no need for new driver sometimes .

why dont we go back to that time , so basically ppl like me who only need profiles for crossfire dont have to wait new driver .

isnt that better ?

would do you think ?

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Re: Why cant we have Separate crossfire updates ?

It wasn't that long ago...but yes, we used to have CAPS. These were the new optimizations for games that were separate from the driver suites. That all stopped not long before rapetor was introduced. The advice that AMD gave for years, referring to driver updates, was..if you are not having any problems, and the new drivers didn't specifically fix some issue you were having..then there was no need to update. "If it ain't broke, don't fix it". Doesn't apply now. You are forced to install the new driver suite to get the game fixes and optimizations. There have been many posts asking for them back. The last answer we got was from a customer support representative and he suggested everyone should send request asking for them back. If they receive enough, then maybe?