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Journeyman III

why amd dosent update their legeacy non gcn products driver...recently nvidia released their 2010 based gpu driver...but amd last released crimson beta driver on 2016 the driver isn't very workfull on dual gpus card some latest game are shuttring ,tearind

why AMD doesn't update their legacy non gcn products driver...recently NVIDIA released their 2010 based GPU driver...but AMD last released their crimson beta driver on 2016  for amds legacy product the driver isn't very work-full on dual gpus card some latest game are shuttering ,tearing and huge lagging and also their is nothing AMD crossfire profile so single gpus doesn't give better performance............please amd update for legacy gpus (WHQL) driver pls...

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You answered your own question.

LEGACY GPUs are not updated with new drivers. If you want a new or the latest AMD Drivers then you need to install a AMD GPU that is still supported by AMD and not considered to be LEGACY (Old and Non-Supported).

If you are referring to the AMD BETA driver from 2016, that is the last and final driver for your type of GPU card and architecture (Non-GCN).

Your only hope is if Microsoft creates a new driver for your legacy AMD card and can be downloaded thru Windows Update. Or you can check the manufacturer of your legacy GPU card and see if they have an updated Driver. Mostly likely they won't.