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Which AMD graphics driver for HP Envy X360 Ryzen2500u with Radeon Vega Mobile Gfx please?

Hello All,

Firstly, please do not insist that I source the custom driver from HP - I already did exactly that, but the HP drivers do not allow Windows 10 to boot with Virtualisation and Hyper V enabled, that is why I seek a compatible AMD driver.

So, which AMD graphics driver is compatible with the HP Envy X360 Ryzen2500u with Radeon Vega Mobile Gfx please? Device Manager says it is a Vega 8.

AMD has a lot of different graphics cards and that's fine, but I've been through all the categories and no exact match for Radeon Vega 8 for Ryzen 2500u can be found. I am offered variants like RX, or 2400u... I am speculating the best version is APU > AMD Ryzen Processors > Ryzen 5 Desktop > 2400u and of these I am then presented with Master and 2 versions of Driver. Do I install "Master" and then a version of "Driver"? or can I just install "Driver"?

Which one is correct please?

Thanks very much

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Journeyman III


I have exactly the same problem, requiring to run Hyper-V (for Docker mainly) on my HP Envy x360 Ryzen 2500u cpu. Enabling virtualisation in the bios and installing hyper v results in a boot failure, meaning recovery and fresh windows install :-(

The radeon driver that the hp support assistant installed was dated from October 2017 and refused to update it further... However searching around it seems that there is a newer driver from mid 2018. It took a while to work out how to install, but following the instructions given below I got it successfully updated.

(Solved) - Crashing video driver Ryzen 5 2500U Vega 8 HP x360 laptop

It seems stable enough. However I've not yet been brave enough to enable hyper-v again (yet)! When I get around to doing a full machine backup (or someone else reports a success with this drive) I might try again...


Maybe the updated driver will fix hyper-v as someone used a March 2018 version which seemed to work:

atikmpag.sys BSOD 116 on Ryzen 2500u

I'll need to wait until next week before I test this though as I can't afford the time to do another install at the moment

Journeyman III

And I can confirm that the driver available in the link above does resolve the issue, with hyper v running successfully.