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Adept I

Where is AMDLink, is this some joke?

Where is AMD Link?!?! This is some ridiculous AMD joke?
One of the few things that can be said, Works great has been disabled.

I was just about to write that the application would need a real Touch Screen, where I click there is a cursor. No Touchpad, and if it is there, it would be useful to increase the speed from 300% to 1000% because on my 4k monitor with low sensitivity set due to high DPI, I had to swipe the phone 3-4 times to get from left to right.

You now have practically nothing to offer, apart from a good raster relatively to the price.

They left us with one option, Steam Link, which has not been updated since 2018, which has lag, bitrate drops, and loads the computer...
Or with paid programs that are not paid, they are only in subscriptions of $8-9 per month..

Because they don't want to compete with anyone and develop this pointless AFMF, in my opinion.
A generator that works when you have 60-70 fps and that works in games that do not need more than 60fps because they are slow and static..

This is some not funny joke...

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AMD stopped supporting AMD LINK feature and now it is in Legacy status.

Important Information About AMD Link Reaching End of Life

Article Number

For users that game remotely with AMD Link, one important announcement is that AMD is ending support for the AMD Link software application with a future AMD Software: Adrenalin Edition™ driver release. We originally launched AMD Link at a time when there were few alternative remote gaming solutions for Radeon graphics users. Today, there are many options available for users to stream their PC content to other devices. AMD’s role is to enable and support developers, not compete with them. As such, we are ending support for AMD Link and focusing our resources on other core capabilities and features that benefit users. We will also continue to support developers with our SDKs such as the AMD Advanced Media Framework that allow them to enable streaming functionality within their solutions.

I know, that's what I'm writing about.
I recommended AMD precisely because of this, the only technology comparable to PS Remote, free in the driver.
The rest is crap, like Steam Link or subscription services.

And AMD removes it...

Everything AMD has worse except Raster at a good price, there is nothing here.

That's the 1% that AMD gained on Steam. It's because people are upset with Nvidia and are fighting it to get better prices. Not because AMD is better at RX.

Worse FSR and FG that will never catch up with Nvidia, even Intel is ahead of AMD...
AFMF which only looked good in presentation.
Dramatic RT and even worse energy efficiency in it.
High energy consumption at idle.
Hopeless support in application programs

Even in the games they sponsor, they can't push 100% for the premiere, the only thing these games have is the AMD logo...

I've had red cards since the ATI9800PRO.
But the RX6800XT will probably be the last card...

Even the Forum is backwards and cannot count down the time or tell when I cannot write another post. And it keeps muting me because I'm posting too early... Everything is backwards here.