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Adept I

Where do I find the "AMD Media Codec Pack" and the "AMD Graphics Driver"?

I was told by 'AnyMP4 DVD Toolkit' that I needed these two drivers, but I have not been able to locate them.  Did AMD give these two drivers a

different name, or have they hidden it in a folder that I should know about?

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It would as always be good if you posted your system specs so we can help you with what you need.

"I was told by 'AnyMP4 DVD Toolkit'"  What???


I'm sorry, but it seems that I'm at a disadvantage.  When I went to

School back in the 60s,

there were no classes in "mindreading".  And over the years the contents

of the "Minds" keeps

changing.  It's hard for this person to know what it is that you are

after when you use such a

term as 'System Specs'.

Just what 'Specs' are you after?


Journeyman III

Were you looking for this?

Download Drivers

It's hardly hidden. The driver is ultimately nothing more than the bit of software that tells your operating system (in most cases, Windows) how to interact with your graphics card. Assumedly, some version of it is already installed on your system.


I'm sorry, but I've already been there and looked, but I didn't find any

mention of an "AMD Media Codec Pack" or

"AMD Graphics Driver".  And since I'm basically a User, my knowledge

about what these two do is very limited.

So, if you all can't help me, then just say so.  I will understand.

I will go look somewhere else not bother you anymore.


The attached screenshot shows the Driver download page, as per the link in the earlier post. Simply fill out the section shown with your hardware (AMD graphics card) and operating system details and it should present you with options to download a suitable "AMD Graphics Driver" and additional software. If after filling out the form you do not get any results try disabling any popup blocking you may have in your browser.

Hope this helps.