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Adept I

Where can I find drivers for Linux Kernel 4.15.6-300.fc27.x86_64

amdgpu-pro-17.50 no longer compiles under the new kernels; where can I download the latest amdgpu-pro?



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Hi there, the new kernels are working fine with 17.50 driver on Ubuntu and Ubuntu based distros.

Im on KDE neon 5.12.2, 17.50 ubuntu driver and kernel 4.15.9

Try this method if your are on ubuntu or other ubuntu based distro

Install ukuu (Ubuntu Kernel Update Utility) you can see the new kernel updates, install the latest and remove older kernels installed on the OS

Install Grub Customizer, so you to customize the entries

Note, if you still have issue with the driver 17.50

1º on the ukuu install a older kernel 4.13.3 or above

2º restart pc and boot on that kernel 4.13.3 or above

3º reinstall the amdgpu-pro driver 17.50

4º restart pc (now it may cause a black screen on boot, if you fell that is stuck, then reset pc and it should boot normaly on second try)

4º install the latest kernel

5º restart pc and boot on the latest kernel

6º if is working fine, now you can go to ukuu and remove the older kernels and go to grub and customize the entries

7º done

Note, update kernels

1º use ukuu to install the new kernel

2º restart pc and boot on the new kernel

3º use ukuu to remove the older kernel

4º use Grub customizer to customize the entries

5º done

Note, update the amdgpu-pro driver

- its done in the same way than the first note, but with a new kernel

best regards, i hope it helped in some way...

Awesome help!

Adept I

Unfortunately I use Fedora 27, perhaps things are better at the Ubuntu camp.

When I try the amdgpu-pro 17.50 at the newer kernels, the DKMS complains about the code and will not compile it. It seems some kernel constants have changed for the millionth time and therefore the source is out of sync with them.  I can now write a book on this topic


Your best help on this will probably come from a community forum on your distro.

Good luck man, I feel your frustration!