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Drivers & Software

When will AMD fix their software drivers for Radeon cards.

AMD...I love you as a company but your software for Radeon really needs improvement. I don`t want to use Nvidia cards and I know Intel`s upcoming graphics cards will be released soon. I`ve been a dedicated radeon fan for a very long time and do support AMD. But weak spots like your software really needs to improve...Your hardware is fine...but software lacking.

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Adept II

I agree. AMD's HW is good. AMD Driver software, not so much. AMD has driven me to NVIDIA because I need a freaking graphics card that "just works". At this point when the 30XX series comes out, I'll be buying a TI model and never looking to AMD for a graphics card again.

Pissed off Radeon VII owner.

I know how you feel...I only used 2 Nvidia cards before and really had no major issues...But Radeon is the one card I always dedicated myself to...I would love AMD to put more energies in that area....the software really needs to improve...too many black screens with Windows 10 and sudden crashes. Right now AMD is

performing like the gaming industry as a whole....putting out buggy software and try to patch it later. Not a good sign from a company that has been in business for

over 50 years.


I love the design and the cost of graphic of AMD than NVIDIA so I decided to buy RX 5600XT more than 1660TI or 2060. But the driver of AMD is very sh****y and buggy. The driver always make my system crash black screen/blue screen/app crash. It's very annoying. AMD need to fix this asap.

Love the designs of the card as well...Right now AMD is putting all of there time and resources on the next gen consoles and server the software for the current video cards are coming secondary it seems.... the AMD team needs to be put in sections where the graphics cards are primary focused. Allot of time

and energies are going to different sectors of the company.

Journeyman III

I am a rx5700 xt sapphire nitro plus user and i am really dissappointed and regreted that i purhased. Cant play anything properly becouse of crashes and black screens, if i knew it would be like this i would really like to buy even a rtx 2060 instead of this card. Performance would be lower i know but at least i could play any game i want and i wouldnt mess with many non sense things instead of enjoying my purhase. I will never buy a radeon gpu again and wont suggest anybody. I also have r5 3600 as my cpu and it doesnt have any problem. I suggest people ryzen cpus but stay away from from amd gpus if you dont want to beregretful or having rage attacks..

Sorry amd i


The drivers even crash a 550 I put it in thinking it would fix my 580 crashes but no am switching when I can