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Adept I

When shall I test my RX6900 again? CTDs in MSFS 2020 since switch to AMD. Not with Nvidia.

Guys, I am about to give up on the XFX RX 6900 XT. I have been using the card since early March 2021. I have been experiencing between 10 and 20 CTDs per day since then. It's just frustrating.

I am happy to take any suggestions. The list of measures I have taken is so long that I can't post it here. I have even isolated my system and tried running Microsoft Flight Simulator 2020 on a brand new M.2 SSD with a brand new Windows 10 installation.

I am posting here because the bug report tool does not work since the insertion of my trusty Gigabyte Windforce RTX 2080 Ti.

What's funny is that I have not had these crashes since the acquisition of MSFS whilst running the RTX 2080 Ti. Neither did I have any issues with the MSI RTX 3090 Gaming X ´Trio which I subsequently sold. And I do not have any issues with the RTX 2080 Ti since switching back to it. So, how can I not blame it on AMD?

I am aware that there might be other reasons in the particular piece of software I am running but fact is: no crashes, stutters or any issues with Nvidia at any time. Constant helplessness and incurable vcruntime140.dll errors with the RX 6900 XT according to the Win10 Security and Maintenance report. Flight Simulator trying to write to unallocated memory according to Visual Studio debugging which is essentially the same event.

Who is, if anyone, ever going to solve this dilemma? Please let me know when it is worth my time to test the AMD card again if you don't want to buy it.


My system specs:
Rio Toro Enigma G2 850W
64GB dual channel Kingston KHX3600C18D4/32GX
Crucial CT1000P1SSD8 (M.2 NVMe SSD) for system
a mix of SATA HDDs and SSDs for storage

GPUs tested on this system:
MSI RTX 3090 Gaming X Trio
Gigabyte RTX 2080 Ti Windforce (not the OC version but a whopping 120 MHz auto overclock on air cooling)
XFX RX 6900 XT

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Journeyman III

Whats the issue with the card?


The issue is that Microsoft Flight Simulator crashes to desktop after between 1 and 240 minutes with the AMD card installed which does only happen when it is installed and the drivers are, too.
3 other individual other system used for comparison do not run into trouble when using an Nvidia card and drivers as described. Yet, they run into trouble when using this particular AMD card and the respective set of drivers.

Journeyman III

I went from RTX 2070 Super (Never CTD) to Rx 6800xt and now I cant fly MSFS in VR constantly CTD Something is not right,  I think its the AMD drivers  


Joining the bandwagon. I'm having massive issues with this card (6900XT/drivers), not seen in NVIDIA. I'm in the refund window so I'm sending it back!

Thought it may have been my system until I read this post. My issue are identical. Thought the latest drivers may sort things out.

I upgraded from a 1080TI which was rock solid/reliable. 










Could you specify your mainboard, please? Thank you.


Write me in, I have the 6800xt, not having cdts, but a lot of frame drops, stuttering, and low fluctuating utilization percentages.


You should check

- energy management settings. Make sure it is in ultimate performance.
-pagefile size
-rolling cache(min 16GB)


I have a correction on the MB. It's a MSI Z590 pro wifi.


There may be hope!

Restlessly looking for solutions, I stumbled upon a system option which appears useless at first sight. In msconfig.exe there is the option to reduce the number of cores recognized by Windows. By default it is unchecked. Who would like a CPU with less cores, right? In fact, enabling it unlocked my systems. This option is not only suitable to reduce the number of cores used but you can also determine how many cores are used. So, if a previous software installation or any sort of idiotic(or particularly useful) system option has reduced this number you can just set it back to full value. Which is what I did in order to make sure full reserves are available to Windows. I cannot imagine why both my systems have been configured in this way. However, by enabling all cores I seem to have fixed this issue and gained massively. I suspect, because the DX11 thread, which still maxes out while running MSFS, now gets less bothered by Windows' other tasks.

Only discovered it last night and still testing but here's what you do:

1. run msconfig.exe
2. Select the Boot tab
3. open "Advanced Options..."
4. Check "Number of processors" and select ALL of them (16 for an 8-physical core i9 with HT)
5. Reboot

I never saw 90 FPS in 21:9 1440p before. Now I do. Okay, not since I switched back to near Ultra settings. And I never saw 90 FPS in the big cities. However, now my GPU determines the rate at which I go. I have high hopes that this might keep the system from running into trouble with memory allocation and CTDs as these are essentially multitasking errors caused by a lack of system resources.

Actually, I realize that with AMDs drivers and the Radeon 6900 XT the Mainthread is performing even better than with my old 2080Ti Nvidia card installed. This matches the observations made that AMD's cards are performing better in low-end systems. Essentially, it is exactly what we are looking at in MSFS. It's a CPU bound scenario in the more stressful areas of the model planet. Especially when you are running a different count of CPU cores than actually present. As this number can only be lower. I am expecting this check-up to appear on the troubleshooting page on MSFS soon.

I do not gent the point yet.

My system is anyway properly starting up recognising all 16 threads, why should I specify it again manually?


I tried it and doesn't make any difference to my FPS or stop my CTD

NEW Ryzen 5 5600x (No Overclocking)
NEW RX6800xt (No Overclocking)
NEW 32Gb (3600Mz) RAM XMP Enabled and disabled (Makes no difference)
NEW Mobo: Gigabyte X570 Aorus Pro
PSU: 850 Watt EVGA 850 GQ, 80+ GOLD

VR HP Reverb G2

All MSFS Setting on low to Med
MSFS Render Scale 80%
OpenXr Custom Render Scale 50%

No Mods loaded

Fresh install of Windows & MSFS
Windows update include KB5001330 (Patched)


Same for me.

I tried my "almost stability" using March Drivers and managing manually the "overcloking of the AMD sw keeping as max values the factory values of the GPU (in my case accoridng to ASUS TUF values).... but this is definitely out of any sense!


Dear everyone

I'd like to clarify that the above description is not a solution. In fact, it does absolutely nothing. The CPU core selection can only be used to decrease the number of cores recognized by the system. Proof is that if you saw all of your cores being used in task managers performance tab before there is no point in "actrivating" them and this additional option is more likely to cause load or problems down the line than enhance anything.

That said, it is my conclusion that the problem lies in poor game optimization and streamlined drivers. AMD's drivers may be very modern and optimized to run Vulkan or DX12 titles, they are just not very bullet proof with DX11 and in particular the implementation of the complex systems with several sources of large quantities of data being merged in MSFS. While Asobo is working on their issues with the DX11 implementation, the software is still far from being bug free in an environment which doesn't support this amount of errors in the code - namely the AMD drivers as opposed to Nvidia's drivers for an environment. I recon this is what the devs of Asobo eluded to when stating that DX12 is going to solve a large number of issues for a lot of users. Apart from the main thread being spread over more than 4 cores thanks to getting rid of DX11 and some calculations even being removed from the main thread to achieve a better balance.

The transition to DX12 with MSFS is expected in 2021 to make the game available on MS' XBOX console. Time will tell whether it will be stable. Hopes are high.

Btw has anyone done any stbility testing since Sim Update IV? What's your observations?


I like to add that 6900XT brought nothing but trouble. I bought MSFS since Jan and was playing it with 5700XT flawlessly, for example I could complete Nevada bush trip in one night without a single crash.

Even since I replaced my 5700XT (big mistake) with 6900XT, MSFS means crash, crash, and crash! Did I mention crash!? It crashes almost randomly, but mostly when I approach dense area/airport, or when I look to the side. It's a complete nightmare to say the least!

Yes....I tried everything. It constantly crashes!!! Such a shame this thing.

I "reduced" the amount of crashes going back to the March drivers, but anyway it crashes frequently (just a few less times). Let me say I can finish sometime a flight...

Still do not understand how they are not able to provide good drivers for such GPU. Is a new one,a  powerful one, an expensive one and in practice I would have less issues using my really old nvidia 1060!!!!


I have managed to reduce CTD in Reverb G2 VR by a lot, I have an Asus TUF 6900XT, in its default settings, it's actually factory overclocked to 2500MHz, I reduced it to 2249 (closest to 2250 AMD published), and cranked up the fan curve.

I also went into my motherboard's settings for my CPU, the so-called default settings are actually also overclocked, it let the CPU draw as much power as it could, for as long as the CPU wants, I set it to draw 200W max for 33 seconds, and 160W afterwards (which is still more than Intel's official TDP 95W). Now I have a chance to finish some very long bush trip leg, even if it crashes, I would probably be at the end of the leg and could fly by memory to end it. You see, before I did all these changes, I always get the excepttion:0x0000005 error, but afterwards, I got some other errors like VCRUNTIME.dll, and KERNELBASE.dll, but no more exception:0x0000005, and much less frequency as well.

I think MSFS still have some issues with either AMD or WMR, but I am really at the end of my rope. So for the time being, I would probably stick with Quest 2 for VR flight. I jsut hope that someone fixes this issue before Quest 2 torture me blind!


I've nailed it down to just 1 error all the time, VCRUNTIME104_1.dll exception 0x000005, path is the one in Windowsapp folder, the one we cannot fix, uninstall VCruntime redistribution only uninstall the one in C:\Windows\System32.

I have un-overclocked my Asus TUF, and put my 9900K CPU back to default TDP, increased page file size to 100GB (I have 64GB RAM), reverted OpenXR developer settings to default, re-installed MSFS itself without installing any extra contents, applied TDR fix, restored pre-assign display for WMR to minimize short pauses, change everything in AMD Radeon software to default.

Another thing I need to experiment on is that I suspect that connection issue or rolling cache might have something to do with VCRuntime104_1.dll crash. I was trying out settings on a very long bush trip leg, and I noticed if I stick with the same route precisely, I get a longer flight after each CTD. But if I got used to the route and deviate to run shortcuts, I would get CTD much earlier at first, and again, could fly longer and longer after each CTD. But I don't know what I can do to test this theory to collect concrete evidence. 



Do you have 2 8pin PCIe power cables connected to the GPU or only one with the extension?

I was having problems with only 1 cable, now with 2 everything is great


I had two independent cables from two independent rails connected. I also tried using the same cable. No difference.


Did you tried DDU, I test many graphics cards and when I install an AMD card after an NVIDIA I always have problems.

Must of the times I uninstall everything with DDU and the AMD works fine but one time with an RX 5700 XT, have ad to format the PC.

And after the format and windows clean install the card worked flawessed.


Who are you asking?


The op.

The person asking if it's time to test again



Please read the first post throughly and stop wasting my time. DDU is part of the recommended procedure by AMD. As per the first post: "I have even isolated my system and tried running Microsoft Flight Simulator 2020 on a brand new M.2 SSD with a brand new Windows 10 installation." Does this answer your question, sir?


Ok. Sorry

My Asus TUF RX 6900 XT works perfectly

My system

Asus Strix X570-E

AMD 5800x

Asus Ryujin 240

4x8Gb HyperX 3466 @3800

Corsair HX1000

Western Digital SN750


Good luck



I am as well experiencing tons of CTDs with my new pc build I made some months ago with the RX6900XT onboard.

Microsoft Flight Simulator is crashing tooo much frequently! Is for sure  not the best stable SW yet, but most of the crashes I really guess they fall on the GPU right now!

I always had the same error shown here in this topic! This is definitely frustrting after having bought this new build.....I have much more issue respect my old computer!!!

When AMD think to develop some bug fixing for MSFS players like us? Are a bunch of months things with their drivers/cards are going tooooo bad!

My current build is:
AMD Ryzen 7 5800X 3.8 (4.7 Boost)
Asus TUF Gaming B550-Plus
Corsair H150i Cooler
Corsair Vengeance 64GB DDR4 RAM @3600MHz
Asus TUF Radeon RX 6900 XT 16GB @2K
Samsung SSD 970 EvoPlus 1TB + 2x SSD Crucial MX500 1TB + WD 4TB HDD
Corsair HX1000 PSU