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What is AMD's problem with GPU Scaling ?

So I have a pretty old system right now (Sapphire R9 200 Series 280X on Windows 7 - getting a new one at the end of the year). But since the first day I always had the same issue which is GPU Scaling in Games etc. . Whenever I try to use a program/game in an not native resolution (for example 1680x1050) it gives me Black-Bars instead of just scaling it properly. Back then the solution for this problem was to install an old driver (17.7.1 for example) with proper GPU Scaling to get it work. But since a few weeks/months this solution does not work anymore. 

So thinking that this problem should be solved after those many years and updates I tried to install the new 19.5.1 Adrenalin Version, just to witness that this problem is still not solved. So what is the matter with GPU Scaling and AMD? Is it just that it doesnt work properly on my old system or do people with new GPU's have the same issue?

Is there a possible solution to fix this problem till I get a new system? (And don´t come at me with obvious sht like ''Turn GPU Scaling on and switch to Full Panel'')

Thanks in advance, IDS

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