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Journeyman III

What about the old "Driver issues" thing?

I switched from a 3080 to a 7900xtx recently and didnt really have any issues. Now most people I know are Nvidia hardcores and theyve consistently told me, not to get a radeon bc of "bad drivers" or "very noticable stuttering and latency" and of course the old "dlss good, fsr bad". Not only did people tell me that but I also saw it on the internet very often. However Ive had the 7900xtx for about 2 weeks now, using it almost every day and I didnt have any of the above issues, infact I feel like they were there on the 3080 but are gone now. The performance was stable, fsr worked surprisingly well and the interfaces were pretty user friendly even for an ex nvidia user. So now I ask, are stuttering and driver issues a problem on lower end amd gpus or are those just dead arguments from nvidia fanboys that are stuck in 2018?

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Adept III

It is kinda ironic you ask this question on "driver issues" forum that filled with... driver issues. 

It is great you are happy with the product you bought, personally I had some small issues and one big one. Big one (Adrenalin doesn't work) did not recognized by AMD in patch notes, but there is a community solution that works. Let's see whether it will be fixed officially in the next driver. 

Otherwise, for someone who uses a basic setup (1 monitor, low-mid range pc) things are good enough with 6700XT. Adrenalin is deefinitely better than GE, I hated that with GE you had to install a lot of telemetry stuff just to use the **bleep** thing. 

FSR is indeed worse than DLSS and overall just bad imo, at least for 1080p. Can't talk about UltraHD or 4K. So far I always avoid using it while I was always using DLSS with my 3060. With devs going towards less optimization - more upscaling route, I am hoping to see some nice improvements for FSR.