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Adept II


Pay attension to this part "never touch wattman", But I have noticed over a few driver versions now I keep getting the wattman has been reset error.

I see plenty off people asking how to not install it or disable it and getting nothing but temporaryfixes or told they have set it up wrong " If they have simply installed the drivers and never touched it how can they have set it up wrong.

Why cant AMD just make drivers like the good old days were if you did not want wattman install you dont have to install it. Instead of forcing it on everyone.

Im hoping someone from AMD will read this and make the installing of wattman an option, but to be honest like everything else I cant see them even bothering. Why listen to your customers the people who keep you in busness.

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Why not report this to AMD? Does no good to report it on a user-to-user help forum.

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