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Journeyman III

Vulkan and 5700XT

Gigabyte Gaming OC 5700XT : X-Plane 11

X-Plane 11 has a option to use OpenGL or Vulkan. I use Vulkan for better performance. However Vulkan has gave me issues. It's crashed many times, causing a bootloop I was stuck in for almost 2 days. I was using the latest drivers in September. I also play Rainbow Six: Siege, and Vulkan has the same problem, but very few are far between. 

I've opted out of using Vulkan, but want to get into it as Vulkan support was on the release notes for the new drivers. 

Heres a reddit thread of me and another person sharing similar problems:

Question: Why would Vulkan cause random crashes that go as far as to get me stuck in bootloops? Even had to do a fresh windows install when that happened. As I've seen others have this problem exclusively with Radeon GPUs, is the problem with Vulkan crashes and errors addressed with this new patch, or this is patch nothing to do with crashes and errors with Vulkan?


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Journeyman III

Same :( just gave up