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Adept I

VR unplayable with RX 6600 xt

I've recently upgraded my GTX 1060 6gb with an RX 6600 xt, and I must say that since then I can't play in VR anymore. The 1060 performed mutch better, in every game there is judder and stutter, it's unplayable and if I try to use ASW to smooth the experience the artifacts are unbearable. Please a driver fix it's needed ASAP

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Adept I

Same here. ETS2 - unplayable, Vivecraft - unplayable, No Man's Sky - unplayable. Motion vector is completely broken, extreme artifacts. Only ancient games, that manage to run at native refresh rate look acceptable. Everything else - broken.

I'm close to selling my RX 6600 xt for a 3060, though I will lose performance in non-vr games.

Replying to myself: upgrading my BIOS to include AMD AM4 AGESA Combo V2 PI fixed performance issues. Asynchronous Spacewarp is still broken, with nauseating artifacts, but at least I can push settings much higher than with 1660 Ti.

What is that? Is that only for asus mobos or I can have it with MSI?



I understand that this is microcode from AMD for all AM4 socket motherboards.

Also, Adrenalin 22.3.1 together with the most recent Oculus software update improved things a lot, both performance and swpacewarp artifacts. Things are pretty much fixed for me.


Are you using beta or normal branch on Oculus software?

Journeyman III

I have the same problem even now

Vr is unplayabe to the point that when I open a game in steam vr, steam vr just starts running in the back ground instead of in the apps section of task manager
I can still play games but its horrible performance, and it crashed after about 30 minutes