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Journeyman III

Video TDR Failure associated with KVM

Last year I built a mid grade gaming machine; (no haters please, it was all I could afford)

ASRock B450M Pro4 MB
Ryzen5 2600 processor
Radeon RX 5500 XT 4GB
16GB Memory
500w power

Recently I took a job working from home and I bought a CKL triple monitor HDMI KVM so I can switch between my work laptop and my desktop. Occasionally my desktop would get into a rut where every time I switched over to my work machine, my desktop would crash with the Video TDR Failure bluescreen. It started doing it again today so I updated the Radeon driver to see if that would fix it (Software Version 2021.0617.1956.35892 - Driver Version Now when I switch machines I seem to go into standby mode and when I come back to my desktop, I can't wake up the machine and I'm forced to push the power button, shutdown, then restart. When I restart the first time only monitor 1 is recognized (out of 3) forcing me to do another restart which seems to make everybody happy again.

My tower only has one button as opposed to having a second sleep/hibernate button and banging Ctrl Alt Del or any other keyboard combo doesn't do anything (nor does cursing at it). Any thoughts on a fix or setting somewhere that would solve my issue?





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