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Journeyman III

video driver problem

help my pc crashes and i have to restore every time i try to update my video driver. (my current version is 21.10.2) and my processor is ryzen 5 5600g.


2 Replies

You can try to solve your problem with one of the following ways.

Method 1: Roll back the video card driver to the previous version
Rolling back the video driver to a previous version many times helps in troubleshooting some unnecessary issues. This method is typically helpful in fixing the video driver problem when driver-related problems appear after a driver update. You can do this from the Device Manager. You can take the help of the below mentioned steps to roll back the video card drivers to its previous and stable version.

-To go to the Device Manager, you can search for it directly in the Windows Search option 
-In the Device Manager screen, expand the Display Adapters section by double-clicking on it.
-You will see the graphics card that is faulty and giving rise to several issues (the device/component may be marked with a yellow exclamation sign).
-Right-click on it and select the “Properties” option from the context menu.
-Under the Driver tab of the Properties window, you will see many options of which you need to tap on the Roll Back Driver button.
-Find Driver tab Roll Back Driver button

Method 2: Update the video driver with the help of the Device Manager
If you did not have any luck in fixing the video driver problem so far, then here is the next method to solve it easily. You can update the display card driver so that it starts functioning again normally as before. You can do so manually with the aid of the Device Manager as per the below steps.

-Navigate to the Device Manager as already described in the above steps.
-Then, find the Display Adapters section and expand it to locate the faulty graphics card driver.
-Finally, using the right-click action on the name of the video card component, you have to choose the option of “Update driver” from the dropdown menu.
Open Display Adapters to update faulty graphics card driver

-In the subsequent prompt, choose the option of “Search automatically for updated driver software.”
-Windows will automatically search, download and install the latest display driver on your computer.
-Finally, reboot your PC to complete the installation.



Rachel Gomez

after updating driver 22.6.1 it is impossible to set the maximum resolution of the coin after each reboot the permission to become 640x480