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Journeyman III

video crash issues (AMD Software)

well, my problem starts with the AMD software

Q: what happens exactly?

R: well, here we go, the problem starts when playing video in certain applications on my computer

Q: what apps are being affected?

R: Applications that are being affected by these "hangs" in video playback are: movies and tv, netflix, disney plus

the problem is more these "crashes" that occur, the videos themselves reproduce normally, but the videos keep crashing and I saw that the problem that causes all this is the AMD software. when I uninstalled the AMD software and went to try to watch the videos again in

the applications that were being affected by this error/problem
I realized they were normal, then when I installed the AMD software again, the problem persisted again

I honestly don't know what to do anymore, I've searched the internet and haven't found the solution yet, can anyone help me?

NOTE: this crash problem occurs in any video, except videos from browsers, discord and etc...and I am using software version 23.5.2

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listing your full PC specs would be helpful .. including make model of power supply (as well as everything else) .. what BIOS is installed on your motherboard .. do you have latest chipset drivers installed ..etc

ThreeDee PC specs
Adept III

I think the only thing you can do is send a bug report through the bug report tool or through this link: to let them know that it's not just a few people having black screen issues or other issues after recent driver updates, and if you can get your money back because your card isn't working as intended, you should. I have a similar issue, and I'm so done with this that I'm getting my money back, and anyone who's just bought a card that isn't working as intended should do the same.

BTW, I crash on all games with my PowerColor Radeon RX 7900 XTX Red Devil.