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Journeyman III

Very high wattage at idle 7800 xt

Just received a new 7800 XT GPU (A Powercolor Hellhound) and rather dismayed to see very high idle power usage.

It is sat at around 60W, but bounces around a bit between 55W and 80W.

The card it replaced, was a 6750 XT which sat at around 7W, the same as a 3070ti I have on hand.

I'm running Windows 11 Pro with a single 4k 120hz screen.  Changing to 60hz does not change the wattage being reported and the system is otherwise identical to the lower reported  wattage cards I used.

I did read there were some recent driver changes that improved things for 7900 XT users, so why is this still an issue for 7800 XT?

I'm running the Adrenalin 23.9.1 driver.


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