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Adept I

Vega 64 stuck at low power phase

My vega 64 has had many issues, one of the most annoying is when randomly when playing a high intensity game or a low intensity game, the card will be stubborn and limit itself to 1.1ghz or around 130w, Ive had the card for 2 years and this only popped up 1 year ago, didn't try to fix it since it would rarely happen, and only happens at random, no pattern whatsoever, used different drivers, underclocked the card without changing anything else, reseated the GPU, updated drivers to the absolute latest, and since its happened up to a year ago windows isn't to blame, over time I even upgraded my CPU and motherboard and the issue still persists, ive found next to nothing online to solve the issue. There is also another issue where radeon/wattrman will crash at random causing both monitors to go black and reset my tuning settings, this will happen when ive underclocked my GPU or with completely stock settings, rarely this will even cause me to have to reinstall radeon as only 1 monitor will be detected and radeon will act as if its not installed.

Current specs:

Win 10 20H2

vega 64 with morpheus 2 installed (was originally default blower card)


B550 mobo


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Adept I

it will eventually go away with time, no change