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Adept I

vbios question 5700 xt

Hello, I own an 5700 xt nitro+ by sapphire and I encountered many problems, such as bsod, random reboots and crashes. After going back to the 20.4.2 drivers, changing the pci to 3, and reinstalling windows I see that I still have the problem.(It usually happens when playing demanding games, such as dirt rally 2, the witcher 3, hellblade).
I noticed that some users change the VBIOS. Is it helpful?
Because of that, I downloaded Trixx 7.3, which is the sapphire software, it shows the option between primary and secondary VBios. Mine is currently in primary.
Should I change it?
My build is:
gpu:5700 xt nitro+
cpu:ryzen 5 3600
ram:3200 mhz ram 8gb, x2
cooling:120 liquid cooling by cooler master
mboad: msi b450m pro vdh max
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Re: vbios question 5700 xt

Not unless the VBIOS is faulty, and they rarely are. The VBIOS is really primitive, only containing identification as well as a fan and P state table. On cards with two VBIOSs one is usually more aggressive (performance geared) and the other more balanced, so you can switch between them to see if you notice a difference, but crashing under a heavy load but not under a light one...I would suspect a PSU issue, especially if it happens under more artificial stress tests such as 3DMark or AIDA64 GPU stress.

Adept I

Re: vbios question 5700 xt

I was researching and it is just the way you say, the primary one is a performance vbios and the other one is a quiet one.

I did the change to see how it goes and I still got one crash while playing the witcher 3 so I continued reading forums and I found many people reinstalling the 20.4.2 drivers without the adrenalin software, which I did. After that I had a long gaming sesh and no crashes happened, hopefully the issue is fixed by now. Also I did a fan curve with msi afterburner al limited the core clock to 1950.

Sorry if I mispelled or something, english is not my first language.