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Adept III

Using Win7 considering Win10 vs Win11 or wait for Win12 for an AM4 General/Gaming/HTPC Build

I am a very old school computer techie currently using Win7. Hence, I am concerned about things like privacy, security, and inefficiency on Win 10/11/12. Also, intrusive ads. Can MS be kept at arms length with the newer OSs with enough reconfiguration? Is there enough advantage to use Win11 or to wait for Win12?

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I was forced to "upgrade" to win 10 due to a new pc build in 2019, it works pretty good after some tweaking, I'd avoid win 11 it's still beta and has a lot more privacy concerns.

The one thing I hate is MS keeps trying push win 11 on me but I found a registry tweak to block it.

Try 10, I think you can make it work for you.